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4 Reasons You Should Focus On Email Marketing

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Email Marketing

Around 2.5 billion people around the world use email to send and receive nearly 200 billion messages a day. This is obviously a huge number of people and could potentially be future customers or loyal repeat buyers. Not only is email a method of communicating your brands message and promotions, it is also an easy way to personalize this communication to the end user. Personalized email is a fantastic way to engage with your userbase and entice them to consider your brand for future purchases. Here are 4 more reasons why you should leverage email marketing for your business:

1) Mobile Connectivity

Let’s face it, everyone around you has a smart phone. Take a walk down any busy street and you will see hundreds of smart phones being poked and prodded by everyone from skateboarders to executives. Mobile devices have turned email into a way to engage with people almost instantly. Users out and about can receive and redeem a promotion while they finish their errands.

2) Cost Effective

Email marketing is very cost effective in regards to other methods of marketing and engagement. Generating an email list and distributing a message is about the cheapest way to connect with users that are interested in your product or service.

3) More Effective Than Social

Social media is a fantastic tool that your business can leverage to generate leads and engagement online, but there is also a lot of noise. Users are constantly hammered with app updates, group spam, and user updates from their friends and acquaintances. Email is an effective way to personalize your message and reach users that already express interest in your product or service.

4) Measurable

Sometimes it can be difficult to measure some of your internet marketing efforts. You can see how many social referrals you had, and how many likes you had, but its hard to connect the dots sometimes. In email marketing there is no guess work. You can see exactly how many times it was opened, which links were clicked, and what they did once they reach your site. This measurability also gives you the opportunity to do more vigorous testing with messaging and hone your promotions to perfection.

Are you ready to integrate email marketing with your business efforts? No better time to start than now! Think you need some help setting up your email marketing campaign? Why not give DirectiveGroup a call and let us help you get your program off the ground? We have years of experience at helping businesses spread their message through email marketing.


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