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How Email Deliverability Can Impact the Success of Your Customer Nurturing Campaigns

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Business Strategy & Process, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing

Email deliverability has a significant impact.

Email deliverability has a significant impact on any email marketing campaign. Because email marketing is an important part of overall marketing campaigns in many businesses, it is crucial to ensure high deliverability. According to McKinsey, email is almost 40 times more effective than Twitter, and Facebook combined in helping businesses acquire new customers. For customer nurturing campaigns, this means helping a business gain more customers simply through email. With over 20 billion email users globally, the potential to acquire new customers by email is immense.

It is important to note the difference between email deliverability and email delivery. Just because an email got delivered does not mean it reached the recipient’s destination. Whereas email delivery means an email has been delivered to the server, deliverability means that the email has successfully reached the recipient’s inbox. If the email lands in the spam folder, there was delivery but no deliverability. It is, therefore, important for marketers to adopt the best deliverability practices to boost the chances of reaching current and potential customers.

Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns

Customer nurturing campaigns are a series of email messages sent at certain stages of a lead’s onboarding cycle.

The specific emails are sent based on the lead’s behavior and needs. The aim is to deliver tailored, timely, and relevant messages.

Although these are automated emails, they are highly personalized messages that take users through a journey that will influence their buying behavior.

Customer nurturing campaigns are, therefore, a must-have for any business because they allow business owners to have a soft and subtle approach to influencing prospects to make decisions and buy, compared to delivering hard sales pitches.

Impact of Successful Email Deliverability

Deliverability means that your audience has a chance to open and read your emails.

Your marketing campaign has reached its destination; all that is left is for the users to read the emails and take desired actions.

Overall, deliverability boosts the success of customer nurturing campaigns in several ways.

Successful Deliverability Boosts Success of Email Campaign

Without email deliverability, email marketing campaigns cannot be considered to be successful.

Email deliverability is the foundation upon which any email marketing campaign is built.

Email marketing has some of the best returns, making it necessary to implement best practices to guarantee deliverability.

According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing has a 4400 percent return on investment. For every $1 spent on email marketing, $44 is generated.

For customer nurturing campaigns, these figures translate to more customers converting and making purchases.

Because email deliverability means getting the messages to users’ inboxes, so you’ll have better chances of reaching your marketing goals than a campaign with poor deliverability.

Build Relationships

Email nurturing campaigns enable keeping in touch with people who have demonstrated the potential to be your customers.

A simple ‘welcome’ message can go a long way in persuading web visitors to become regular customers.

However, the emails you send should provide value to the recipient. This means tailoring the messages according to the customer’s expectations.

The more value they receive from the emails, the more they’ll look forward to receiving similar emails from you. Ultimately, leading them to your call to action would be best.

The higher your deliverability rates, the higher your chances of building strong relationships with current and potential customers.

Your effort and time to craft nice, tailored emails will not go unnoticed. And because it’s impossible to reach multitudes of potential customers by phone, customer nurturing campaigns help you to bridge that gap.

It’s also an opportunity to initiate drip campaigns that drive users down the buyer journey to the final point of conversion.

Build Trust and Brand Recognition

Customer nurturing campaigns can help in building credibility. Because the visitor has already engaged with the company or brand through the website or app, sending them an email will not make it seem like receiving an email from a stranger.

Email campaigns give you a direct line to a customer’s inbox, allowing you to develop your brand identity.

You can use the same emails to get useful feedback. Let potential customers tell you the type of products, services, or experiences they’re looking for.

Excellent Email Deliverability Boost Sales

By acquiring new customers, customer nurturing campaigns ultimately lead to increased sales. Marketing Week estimates that email generates $37B in retail sales annually. Through direct link to individuals by email, it is possible to entice them into buying or taking specific actions. All this is only possible if you have high email deliverability.

Gather Important Metrics

Data is important in helping companies make decisions. When your email reaches the inboxes of your target audience, it is possible to gather key metrics that will inform the development of better customer acquisition strategies.

For example, a good email open rate means your messages are well-crafted. In addition, it means that the audience knows your brand well enough to be interested in reading your emails.

An additional key metric is the click-through rate – CTR. This metric gives you an idea of the number of users who went through your emails and clicked the links within.

Once a user has clicked through an email, the next goal is to lead them to convert. This leads to email conversation rates, another important metric used to determine the success of your email campaign.

Email conversation rates will tell you the performance of the CTA in your email. Again, you gain these important metrics by first ensuring email deliverability.

Increase Website Traffic

As more people read your emails because of high deliverability, there are more opportunities for your business website to get traffic through these emails.

By including relevant website links in these emails, your leads will likely visit the website and perform desired actions.

Boost Your Email Deliverability

Email marketing has proved to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. Therefore, customer nurturing campaigns have higher chances of bringing in more customers than other customer acquisition strategies. However, success highly depends on email deliverability.

The more your emails get delivered and reach your audiences’ inboxes, the higher your chances of getting your messages read.

You can increase deliverability by building a strong email sender reputation, strive for engagement, build domain reputation, email authentication, use securely monitored IP pools, keep a clean email list, monitor your analytics, and choose a good email service provider.

Are you ready to take your marketing results to the next level?

Look no further than DirectiveGroup for all of your email marketing needs. We can design a strategy that will increase email deliverability and boost sales, helping you reach your goals. To get started, simply contact us today!


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