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Sales Collateral

Connect with more leads by strengthening your business content.
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The Right Resources to Highlight Your Success

Having the right sales collateral means equipping your team with the resources that they need to boost your brand, speak to your business credibility, and build strong connections with potential customers. Without it, your expertise will fail to match your objectives and your reputation will decline.

By partnering with DirectiveGroup during the entire sales enablement process, we guarantee that you will receive all of the tools and technologies you need to create and maintain the sales collateral that are critical to your unique industry. Some of our services include:

  • Running an in-depth assessment of current practices
  • Understanding how your tactics should be improved
  • Discussing an effective social media campaign
  • Perfecting the presentation of existing case studies
  • Writing white papers and articles
  • Providing concepts for product demos

Whatever your specific needs, our team is ready to bring our expertise to help your sales collateral connect with leads, educate new customers, and close more deals for your increased effectiveness.

Sales Collateral
Key Process Optimization Questions
  • Do you have the right marketing materials to drive sales success?
  • Is your content and collateral relevant, engaging, and appealing?
  • Are your sales materials regularly updated to remain consistent with your brand?
  • Does your collateral give you credibility and put you above the competition?



No gimmicks. No fluff.
No meaningless data.

Strategy Audit
Strategy-based approach

We start with the end in mind. We work with you to establish clear, measurable outcomes and determine the right mix of data, tech and creative to keep moving your business forward.

Experience integrating with internal teams

We’ll work collaboratively hand-in-hand with your internal team and be involved as much or as little as you like.

Transperancy at every step
Transparency at every step

You’ll always know what the next steps are, what is being done and by whom. We keep you updated on the status of your campaigns and work with you to make strategic changes for better results.

Your success is our success

Our team carries the attitude and mindset of “think like an owner”. As such, we work relentlessly to help your growing company become an industry leader.

Get Immediate, Actionable Expert Recommendations Now

We don’t just talk a good game. We’ll deliver actionable insights to improve your business. We’ll perform a rapid, holistic assessment of your organization’s sales strategy, operations, and results. Then, quickly prioritize the most critical needs and opportunities facing your sales and marketing organizations and layout a roadmap for effectively addressing them.

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