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Social Media – You Need More “Social” and Less “Media”

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Social Media Marketing

Business owners have known for a while now that social media platforms are pretty much necessary in this day and age for a successful marketing campaign. What they fail to acknowledge though is that social media is social, meaning that there is communication involved.

Oftentimes you will see a company with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles – this is a good thing! When you actually open them up you see a wall of unanswered questions or interactions, and a few promotional posts from last year. You have a goldmine at your fingertips and you aren’t even using it!

What if I said I could get you in a room with 100 people interested in your product or service. They are there to listen to what you have to say and engage with you specifically about your goods and services. News Flash: That is exactly what social media is! Users interacting with your page and in groups that your page can service are people looking for information about your particular niche. Look for Facebook and LinkedIn groups specific to your industry and start interacting with users. Answer questions and comments on your Facebook page. Interact with the users you already know are interested in your product.

It is very easy to overlook this critical aspect, but don’t make the same mistake that many other business owners do. Utilize your social channels and engage with your audience. You have every opportunity to turn these social influencers into paying customers!


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