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Showcase Your Business on LinkedIn

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn showcase pages have replaced the Products and Services tab as dedicated digital marketing spaces for businesses to promote certain aspects, products or services to distinct customer segments. Showcase pages work like an extension of your main LinkedIn company page to draw attention to a specific product or brand. You must have a company page to further create showcase pages but they appear as a standalone feature in a menu on the top right column. You can use Showcase Pages to display specific products or services offered by your company and write a brief summary for each. Take for example IBM, they have a number of showcase pages, including IBM Analytics, IBM Security, IBM Cloud, etc.  It takes time, effort and dedication for the correct management of LinkedIn showcase pages.

LinkedIn recommends Showcase pages to B2B companies for raising awareness of a brand, business segment or particular initiative, but it might benefit your interests more if you think from the point of view of your audience. When deciding whether to opt for Showcase pages, you have to ask these questions-

  • Does your business have products or services aimed at a distinctive audience or do you have multiple products with more than one type of client base?
  • Will it help further your marketing cause if you regularly produce content targeted at those audiences?

If the answer is a ‘yes’ to both these questions, then do set up Showcase pages specifically for a select audience to post your content geared towards them.  If you have just a couple of products with similar features and target audiences, adding a Showcase Page would not be a necessity. Leave the general, broader content for your company page though and think deeply about the marketing messages for each of your products or services on showcase pages. Every showcase page is a mini company page with its own followers, status updates and functionality. LinkedIn allows you to create up to 10 of them, as of now. Your targeted users will receive more specific information that is relevant to their interests than they would have got in the generic company page. Visitors can explore in a more detailed fashion different aspects of your company, thus improving engagement stats significantly.

Benefits of Showcase Pages for B2B Organizations:

You can actively display and promote your business’s products and services to potential clients using the simple layout of Showcase pages. This will enable your audience to get a better idea of what your business has to offer without being overwhelmed by information.

Showcase pages permits you to drive your ideal, targeted audiences by industry to a single place where they can access information and read in depth about the specific service or product they’re interested in.

You have the option of creating a customer Showcase Page devoted to your current customers, to share blogs, updates and content that will help people effectively use your product or service. Invite your customers to join to promote engagement and build a community. You can develop a dedicated community in showcase Pages that allow them to follow the pages they are interested in. You don’t have to inundate them with all of your updates, content instead you can segregate according to the audience in every channel. This can be the one stop location for your followers to visit and stay up-to-date on that specific product or service.

You can get valuable marketing metrics through analytics available on these pages regarding demographics of your followers, engagement patterns and current trends.

Showcase Pages provide a valuable method of directing more traffic to your business’s main website for audiences to pick up more information about your business and the other products and services you offer.

How do I set up a Showcase Page?

Click “Edit” in your business’s Company Page menu on the upper right hand, Select “Create a Showcase Page”

Give a unique title for the page that describes one of your products or services. Example: IT Services | Cloud Computing. LinkedIn’s general search bar shows off Showcase pages too, so you can consider using your company name as the first word in the title of each Showcase page. People doing a search for your company will then be able to see links to all your Showcase pages.

The top of every Showcase Page will have a ‘hero image.’ Add a creative, attention grabbing hero image (974 x 300 px) that can be icons, graphics or photos. It should also be visually appealing to your target audience on LinkedIn.

Do fill in the 200 character description with detailed information about your specific product or service that the page is about

Make sure to add your website URL

Add your Standard Logo that comes into view when a LinkedIn user visits your Showcase Page. Also add a Square Logo which will appear with every status update in your followers’ News Feed.

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