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Search Marketing Trends in 2011

by | Apr 27, 2011 | Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Now that we’re fully through Q1 2011, research has been completed to point toward what will very likely happen the rest of the year in search marketing. We’ve spent considerable time the last couple weeks discussing Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing, and the results published from SEMPO confirm that focus.

While paid marketing in Social Media is still burgeoning , research is pointing toward more spending ($19.3 Billion to be exact, a 16.3% increase over 2010) this year. With that increased spending, we’re also seeing a trend toward more spending in social media outlets and mobile marketing.

Don’t Rush Out The Door Yet

Trends are a great gauge for what channels may need your attention. However, paid Social Media campaigns are still relatively new, and demonstrative ROI is still being studied. Companies are spending more in these arenas, which means if it’s not even on your radar, it should be.

In addition to increased Social Media spend, companies are spending more marketing dollars developing mobile marketing strategies. 40% of companies surveyed in this study have indicated the growth of the mobile web is significant, and should not be ignored as part of an effective marketing strategy. Compare that to the 26% who said the same thing in 2010.

Move Forward…Be Intentional

As with any effective marketing plan, being intentional and having a plan that is based on solid data and not gut feelings will insure an effective campaign. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Research your target market. If you’re selling reverse mortgages to 70 year old retirees, chances are doing mobile marketing or social media marketing is not going to produce a huge result. However, if you’re selling consulting services to small business, both may be right up your alley. Do the research to find what’s reaching your market.
  2. Make sure your foundation is solid. Before jumping into any campaign to generate more business, your foundation must be solid. The foundation for any Internet Marketing campaign is your website. Have a professional evaluate your website for effectiveness in user experience, eye mapping, and function performance (e.g., page load times, forms working, etc).
  3. Conduct a test campaign. Before launching a full campaign of any type, you should always do a test campaign to show how you may need to tweak your focus before ‘opening the floodgates’. This ensures you don’t waste money and are achieving the highest conversion possible.

If you’re looking for a company to develop your marketing strategy, who can audit your site for effectiveness or to implement your campaign, reach out to us. We have a team of expert internet marketers who work synergistically in their respective areas to bring the highest possible ROI to your marketing campaign.


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