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Make sure your graphics stand out!

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing

Graphics and images are more important than ever, both for your website and social media platforms. Images generate more engagement regardless of the platform and you need to make sure that they are presented in a format that is easy for your users to digest. Here are a couple of quick tips to make your images pop:

1) Use contrast and strokes on your text.

I see this one all the time and it is so easy to fix. Text can form a pretty complex shape for your eye and it is hard to “acquire” text that blends into the background too much. Designers use stroke to add contrast to the text in order to make it stand out. Stroke is normally a small border around the text, but there are several techniques that can be used to add contrast. Unless your text clearly stands out against the background (think: white/black or black/white), you should consider using some kind of contrast.

2) Make sure your image is the right size.

Oftentimes users will generate images and realize they were in the wrong dimensions, and then use them anyway on their site or social platforms. If you stretch or shrink an image without constraining your aspect ratio (like, through a HTML resize on a website), your image can show up very pixelated and look “off.” Correct this by making your images the right size the first time.

3) Add movement to your image.

Images that just have some text and a color are fine at conveying information, but they don’t do a lot to engage the user and draw their attention. Successful designs use motion and flow to capture attention and make the piece more fluid. Oftentimes this is accomplished with a simple circular shape in the background that contrasts slightly with the background color.

Remember, not all images are the same! Little details like these are what will push you up above your competitors. Still think you need some help with your online design and messaging? Why not let DirectiveGroup help? We have years of experience at designing images and content that make your page pop and your audience respond!


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