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Increase your power online with proper pagination

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Search Engine Optimization

Many people do Internet Marketing these days, there are hundreds of SEO agencies and DIY CEO’s that are trying to increase their internet presence. If you search for “SEO tips” you will find a deluge of information, both good and bad, about how to do SEO. There are also several things that are apparent for a seasoned SEO expert, and some things that aren’t. Sometimes SEOs are so focused on performance and inbound marketing that they forget some of the little things, like proper pagination.

What is Pagination?

Pagination is a way to enumerate the content on your site and make it easier to archive content for both users and search engines. If you have ever looked at the bottom of a Google search, you are familiar with pagination:

Google is obviously not alone when it comes to good pagination, there are several ecommerce platforms that do pagination very well also:

If you have been on the internet for longer than a few minutes, you are probably familiar with this pagination scheme. You are also probably familiar with a bad pagination scheme, with “older entry” or “older posts” links:

So why is this scheme bad? With a proper pagination scheme, you can view all pieces ofcontent through the window of the first page a user lands on. If you use a “older posts” link, they have to go from “older posts” to “older posts” to view pieces of content. This may not seem too bad for users in the long run.. most people can just link directly to your content or search for it. Remember that users aren’t the only thing viewing your website!

If you use proper pagination on your pages, it allows search engines to crawl your content easier. With a bag pagination scheme, the spider will begin to crawl your page, and then have to go from “older entry” to “older entry” to find your older content. If you have a correct pagination scheme, they can view a snapshot of every piece of content from just seeing your landing page.

Sounds better, huh? Luckily pagination is generally easy to implement, especially if you use a CMS for your website. Does it sound like your site needs some help with implementing this but you don’t know how? Why not give DirectiveGroup a call! We have years of experience at helping business owners gain more visibility with their content. Call us today at 866-925-9524 and see how we can help you with your internet marketing plans.


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