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6 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing

by | Feb 23, 2012 | Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing

The internet is an ever evolving platform. New tools and websites to market on seem to pop up every week, all claiming to be the next big thing, all claiming to increase your company’s profits.  The truth is marketing is marketing whether you are using Google Adwords, the radio, or the latest social media platform. The only thing that changes is the media ; the fundamentals of marketing will still bring great results if implemented correctly.

Here are 6 things you can do to improve you online marketing:

  1. Gain clarity on who your target market and ideal customer is and who they are not.  Most companies try to market to everyone and this is a very expensive mistake. Large companies can afford to have very broad marketing messages, however most companies need to focus on a small group of ideal customers that are more likely to purchase your product.
  2. Create an irresistible offer. Have you ever noticed when the New Year gets close, gym membership prices drop or they start waiving start up fees?  What about the “black Friday” deals?  These offers are designed to get new customers in the front door and they work. Have you ever found yourself buying something you didn’t really need because it was such a great deal? Think about what your customers really want and create an offer they can refuse.
  3. Identify a client path. Some marketers refer to a client path as a sales funnel. The idea is that you have thought about what you want to sell your customers first, second, third and so forth. When customers buy from you and are satisfied with your product, it is a disservice not to continue to provide them with solutions to their problems.
  4. 4. Build a back-end to your business. This plays into identifying a client path. The backend of your business are the other products and services that you will offer to your clients and customers.  The really great thing about the “back end” is it will increase the average value of your customer.  Why is this important other than the obvious more revenue? A flushed out “back end” will allow you to spend more money to acquire a customer. The more you can spend to acquire customers the harder it is for the competition with no “back end” and “client path” to compete.
  5. Integrate your marketing. There is no one best way to market online or offline. However there is a one best method and that is to integrate your marketing.  Why stop at Adwords, when you can rank your website on the first page of Google? Why doesn’t your company have a social media presence?  Integrating your marketing is not just great for exposure but safety. If you’re entire online marketing strategy is to rank you website number one on Google. What happens when Google changes its algorithm and the result are unfavorable to you?   Never depend on one way to bring in customers.
  6. Always test. Most marketing ideas don’t work the first time you try them. They take some tweaking and optimization. Sometimes you have to change a headline, change your messaging or make a different video. Whatever the case, you have to constantly test everything. If you do your marketing will constantly improve.

Use these six strategies to improve your marketing online or offline.  In any instance, these simple yet powerful concepts will help bring you more customers and more importantly serve more people. If you need any help with your online marketing please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


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