Why Is It Important To Have A LinkedIn and Facebook Business Profile?

Social media is the new word of mouth. Surely you have heard that before. But what if your target audience isn’t on social media? It’s possible. But if social media is truly the new word of mouth then you would have to agree that someone who influences your target market is most certainly online and using social platforms. For that and many other reasons, it’s important that your business have some sort of presence on social media—even if it’s just LinkedIn and/ or Facebook. Here are some compelling reasons why.

Reasons Why You Should Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

Back in the day (you know, back in 2010) company pages on LinkedIn were something that was nice to have but wasn’t anything that you should rush out to create. Today, if you are a B2B business, LinkedIn is one of, if not THE, most important tools you can implement. … Continue reading

Oh Facebook, How I Hate To Love Thee

If you’re like me, you have a near love/hate relationship with Facebook. You love the audience size available on Facebook as the world’s dominating social network. You hate the incessant privacy and design changes that roll out every 6-12 months. You love seeing your audience engage your brand and products, but hate EdgeRank algorithm updates that seem to make no sense. Hold on to your seats, marketers, there’s another update rolling out, and this will add to the “love” of Facebook once again.

The Problem – Making Introductions

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly hold Facebook to be a necessary tool in just about every marketer’s tool belt. There has been one primary problem to this point with trying to leverage Facebook to build your audience, and that has been finding targeted people on Facebook that are not already connected to your brand.

Until now, the only really effective way … Continue reading

Is Facebook Putting You Out Of Business?

The volatility of the global marketplace; the economy, terrorism, political corruption, corporate scandals, scam artists, and more have left us feeling uncertain, unsafe and not knowing who to trust anymore. People only want to buy from companies that have credibility and can meet expectations. People they trust! Both character and competence are vital to trust and sustained success. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) tagline is appropriately, “Start With Trust”.

Does your website have credibility? Do your prospective clients trust you?

There are 2,000,000 search inquiries on Google every minute! When an interested prospect finds you online and clicks to your website, will they contact you? Trust and credibility are the key.

Here are the Stanford University Website Credibility Guidelines:

  1. Make it easy to verify the accuracy of the information on your site. You can build web site credibility by providing third-party support (citations, references, source material) for information you present,
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2012 – The Year of Social Search

Social signals are playing an increasing role in organic SERP performance. We’ve discussed in the past how we expect social signals to influence search results in the near future. In the middle of 2011 Bing integrated Facebook signals as part of its algorithm. Announced yesterday, Google is now counting Google+ as part of their metrics when the user (person searching) is logged in.

With this in mind, there are some very specific things you’ll want to consider as you begin implementing that well thought out marketing plan for 2012:

It’s All About Content

If this is the first article you’ve read about websites, SEO, or social media, one thing you’ll see over and over is that it’s all about content. You must produce content your audience is going to want and, more importantly, want to share.

This content can come in many forms. Many people think of traditional content on a website. Also a the top of mind is usually the … Continue reading

How Retail Businesses Can Effectively Market On Facebook

Today, Facebook is one of the very best ways for retail businesses to connect with consumers. However, as with all marketing techniques, there are best practices that will increase the effectiveness. A recent study conducted provides data that can help you develop these best practices and greatly increase your engagement rate. And, a higher engagement rate means higher revenue.

How To Judge Success

In the social networking arena, the yardstick for measuring success is the rate of feedback you receive from consumers, or “engagement rate.” For this study, the engagement rate was determined by combining the number of “Likes” and the number of “comments” as a percentage of fan base. The following findings were determined based on actions that caused the highest engagement rate.

What Day Of The Week Should I Post On Facebook?

Most retailers tend to post on Facebook during the business week and less frequently on … Continue reading

Changing Faces of Facebook

On September 22, Facebook announced some major changes to their product that has sent quite a stir around the virtual social sphere. These changes are having some profound impacts on what Facebook will be used for in the future, how we interact with it in terms of business, and potentially its market share of the social space.

Meet Timeline

Timeline of Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable.com

Timeline was Mark Zuckerberg’s big announcement of the 2011 f8 conference. This is another change to the profile and what information is presented to other Facebook users and the public. Zuckerberg described the change when he said:

We often talk about your profile at Facebook as if it’s what you’d share with someone when you first met them, in the first conversation that you’re having….Timeline is the story of your life, and it has three pieces: all your stories, all your apps, and

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