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Integrated digital marketing services that drive higher revenue, more sales and/or more qualified leads are essential to a company's growth needs and ultimate success. Most companies lack sufficient resources to execute high-quality Internet marketing programs across all of the available marketing channels or across their prospects' entire buying cycle. That's where DirectiveGroup comes in: we specialize in augmenting your existing marketing team with precision expertise where needed, or we can partner with you as a total outsource team of fractional expertise to meet all your digital needs.

Drive Awareness and Demand for Your Company

Every marketing dollar you spend must deliver results for your business. With our solutions, your company will not only experience an increase in brand awareness, you will also experience a multiple factor ROI and strong revenue impact.


A World Class Digital Experience

DirectiveGroup offers comprehensive, digital marketing solutions designed to meet your most fundamental marketing challenges—whether for immediate growth of ecommerce sales, or multi-channel revenue growth, or B2B sales lead funnel development. Our combination of software tools and expert guidance takes the guesswork out so your business marketing is easy and effective.

Explore How We Help Companies Like Yours

Your company and your industry are facing some radical and transformative times in the digital arena. This is not the time for half-measures or incomplete solutions. Join forces with a digital partner that can take your company from strategy development to full execution of tactics with expertise that will lift your results and accelerate your business goals.

Check Out Our Solutions By Your Business Focus


Get high ROI, results-focused, integrated online marketing programs for local and regional businesses.

Service offerings are crafted to connect you with the local communities in which you are based, so your customers experience a seamless single- or multi-channel experience that is fully integrated with your physical presence and offline efforts.

Visit us if you are a multi-location regional business, serve customers in specific cities or neighborhoods or if you are a single-location business serving a micro-targeted market. Our geo-based programs can get you rockin' in no time!


Digital technology, strategy consulting & marketing programs for B2B companies that include manufacturers, industrial and technology-based companies. Omni- or multi-channel integration, digital transformation guidance, and complex offline/digital marketing integration needs.

Ecommerce and online sales program development across your website and other sales channels to deliver a seamless customer buying experience.

Visit us if you are national or global company with complex marketing needs or if you are facing digital disruption in your industry.


Your patients are impatiently online and looking for you at your next level. Good news is that we can take you there. Whether you are a single or a multi-location medical provider with HIPAA compliance needs and are looking for effective patient prospect and retention marketing, we've got all your needs covered.

For health and wellness companies that manage the full spectrum of customer and patient wellness and health-related requirements, we offer high performance digital marketing to build trust and a strong reputation.

This section's right for you if you must acquire and retain patients and/or health-based clientele.

Check Out Our Solutions By Your Business Role


CXO / VP / Executive

As a leader and visionary, your organization and team require you to have a strategic digital game plan. Whether you are facing disruption or you want to drive digital transformation, the good news is that your needs play to our strengths.

Learn more now.


Marketing Director / Manager

Marketing has gotten tricky, especially in the digital realm. The combination of an explosion of digital options along with the technical and data-driven requirements makes your job a real challenge. But not to worry, we can help.

Learn more now.


IT Director / Manager

You are seeking information technology assistance for one or perhaps many reasons, including website or software development, technical support, App or mobile magic, custom integrations and middleware or DB development. We're your *man* for the job.

Learn more now.


Practice Manager / Medical or Dental

Digital marketing for medical and dental practices is fiercely competitive, so the cooker-cutter approach that your local marketing agencies offer are the "same-ol-same-ol." Forget just HIPAA and meaningful use, what you need is differentiation, ala DirectiveGroup.

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Small-Medium Business Owner

Your business was borne of love so don't, for goodness sake, allow yourself to get lost in the weeds, or heaven forbid – fail to flourish. You need an old-fashioned, roll-up-the-sleeves partner that "thinks like an owner." That's us in a nutshell, so your gut instinct is right on.

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Don't See My Role / Unique Situation

OK, OK, so it looks like you are planning to stump us. No problem. We are creative, innovative, and think on our feet. Added to that, we are deeply strategic, which is why we can help you sort through to the essence, and get you where you need to be.

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Check Out Our Solutions By Your Needs / Issues / Problems


Facing an Impending Digital Disruption

You are in an industry that has just had a digital surprise by a company within your industry or an outsider, like Amazon. Your value chain is in question and the time to act is now.

Learn how we can help.


Want to Initiate a Digital Transformation

You want to take advantage of industry digital shake-up to look for ways to transform your company. It is not often the musical chairs of market share is up for grabs, and you are ready for action.

Let's take big steps together.


Need More Leads Now

At *end of the day* *what keeps most businesses up at night* frequently comes down to revenue growth. Digital tactics can deliver the highest ROI of all marketing efforts and options are dizzying.

Get immediate help.


Get More Online Sales / Ecommerce

No doubt, it's exciting times for those who sell online. Many platforms that could work, but which ones? How to prevent costly errors and channel conflicts? How to act boldly, react swiftly and take decisive lead?

We'll share the how-to's.


Just Want to Dominate Digitally

Yes. Understood. We are a company that runs with those looking to take industry leadership positions, those who wish to partner with a cutting edge digital agency who mixes what works agilely with here-first tactics.

Let's go to the top together.


Need to Build Brand Awareness / Credibility

Since the late 1800s, brand building in marketing has had the goal to make you the "intuitive choice" that "goes without saying." The fun is in taking these centuries' old truths into the digital realm.

We build brand domination!


Support or HELP Please!

If you have been wearing many hats – so many so that you can no longer see the light of day – we hear your pain. Many clients choose us because we are a partner that melds to their needs instead of a cookie-cutter vendor.

Let's discuss further.


Need to Refresh Look / Build New Software

We've got the technical mojo too. Not just websites and mobile apps, our crack IT team can do most things from software development to designing and building databases to custom coding middleware and API integrations.

Tell us what you need.


Add Fractional Digital Expertise to Team

The explosion of digital options brought increasing specialization. Most cannot justify fulltime headcount when what they really need is fractional expertise. We have it all from big data/artificial intelligence, to SEO, to Reputation Management.

We'll make you shine.

Why Choose DirectiveGroup?

  • You want an experienced digital marketing agency that is recognized for getting results.
  • You want a partner who thinks in an invested way versus a (boring) ho-hum vendor.
  • You are facing digital disruption or want to drive industry transformation.
  • You consider your digital requirements to be somewhat complex.
  • You realize that you need a strategic approach that is fully integrated.
  • You get it that in the age of 'big data' a data-driven "business intelligence" focus is… well… intelligent.
  • You are or intend to be an industry leader in your category.

Your End-to-End Digital Marketing Partner

At DirectiveGroup, we build solutions that fit your needs. Partner with an agency that is focused on your growth. Either complete our online form or give us a call toll-free at 1-866-925-9524 and find out how our unique approach can lead to transformational growth for your business.

I have been a customer of DirectiveGroup for a long time. We have so many leads coming in, if our staff isn't here all day every day, they get behind. Our marketing program is running about as perfectly as we could hope for.

Ian W. / Founder & Owner / Log Home Restoration & Construction Company