3 Email Marketing Mistakes That Drive Your Subscribers Away

Email marketing is here stay. It has been around for a couple of decades and is not going anywhere.

Email marketing has become so important that businesses rely on it as it play a stake is the success or failure of an online business. Most online marketers focus on building a large email list. The bigger the list, the more the conversions.

If your old subscribers keep leaving your list quickly, adding new subscribers won’t help if that is the case. Keeping that in mind, here are 3 mistakes that will drive your subscribers away.

1. Spamming Your Subscribers

According to a survey by Technology Advice, 43 percent of email subscribers want businesses to email them less frequently. Continue reading “3 Email Marketing Mistakes That Drive Your Subscribers Away”

Better Email Campaigns with Strong Follow Up Sequences

As you may already know, an effective email campaign can create a deep relationship with your audience. This type of communication can penetrate your niche and build trust. But something you may not have known – according to a 2015 survey by Adobe, the average respondent uses email on an average of six hours each day.

The survey further reports Millennials actually use their emails even more than the rest of us; though not by much. 70% check it from bed; 27% while driving; and believe it or not 57% use it from the bathroom!

That tells us that email marketing, if properly utilized, is much more effective than we may have suspected. More effective even than social media – contrary to what most of us thought. Continue reading “Better Email Campaigns with Strong Follow Up Sequences”

4 Reasons You Should Focus On Email Marketing

Around 2.5 billion people around the world use email to send and receive nearly 200 billion messages a day. This is obviously a huge number of people and could potentially be future customers or loyal repeat buyers. Not only is email a method of communicating your brands message and promotions, it is also an easy way to personalize this communication to the end user. Personalized email is a fantastic way to engage with your userbase and entice them to consider your brand for future purchases. Here are 4 more reasons why you should leverage email marketing for your business:

1) Mobile Connectivity Continue reading “4 Reasons You Should Focus On Email Marketing”

Email Marketing Best Practices To Improve Engagement

Effective email marketing may seem antiquated but it is a relevant way for businesses to engage with consumers and open a direct channel of communication with them. An integrated marketing campaign can use email marketing to nurture and convert contacts into leads. Email should be an essential part of every organizations marketing strategy, as it is a relatively inexpensive way to position your business as the best by reaching users with dynamic and valuable content.

Are your subscribers happy and engaged with your email content? Here are some best practices to help marketers manage an email list well to win more business.

Email Marketing Engagement

Continue reading “Email Marketing Best Practices To Improve Engagement”

5 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign This Holiday!

Holiday Marketing The holiday season is right around the corner and now is the time when most small businesses start marketing their holiday promotions through newsletters and email marketing. Most businesses understand the need to market to their customers, especially during the holidays. Unfortunately though, most of them also miss the basics when compiling their campaign.

Here are some quick tips to help you increase your conversion rates this holiday season!

1) Use short subject lines

In a study conducted by SalesForce, subject lines fewer than 10 characters long had an open rate of nearly 60%, which is much higher than the industry standards defined by Constant Contact, an eMail marketing service. Use short subject lines to get your point across right away. This saves time for the user because they know what is inside, and helps users convert quickly. Continue reading “5 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign This Holiday!”

5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your B2B Email Marketing

B2B Email Marketing New marketing communication channels have grown exponentially over the last decade. However, the boom in channels from social media to mobile apps hasn’t diminished the power of the reliable, old email, particularly in B2B. After all, there are more than 929 million business email accounts worldwide, and companies send an average of more than 1 billion emails every day. Meanwhile, 28.7% of marketing-related email in the manufacturing and distribution industry is opened by its recipients, the highest of any field. Perhaps most importantly, Experian estimates that email marketing brings a $44.25 return on every $1 invested. Simply put, email remains one of your most powerful, cost effective tools to generate leads, build a dialogue with prospective customers, and strengthen brand loyalty.

But merely sending out email blasts to every address on your customer list won’t work. The most effective email campaigns take advantage of a few fundamental best practices:… Continue reading