Persona Based Marketing: How to Create Winning Marketing Strategies

Profiling your customers and understanding their behavior is a critical part of your marketing success. It helps us in better understand whom we are talking to and how to structure our conversations to have their attention. One of the most successful ways of creating such targeted marketing campaigns with high success rate is: creating personas. Persona – Based marketing concentrates on creating cohorts among your user database. These cohorts are defined based on a set of common characteristics that particular group of users display.

The highly competitive business landscape and the customers are who are increasingly aware with the information available to them are the two major challenges faced by the marketers today. Businesses should make increasing efforts to differentiate themselves from the competition by being relevant with the customers.

Persona Based Marketing is a step towards attaining this relevancy with the customers. By creating Personas, you can:

  • Understand the Customer Behavior Better
  • Generate Better Quality Leads
  • Create Better Converting Marketing Campaigns
  • Prioritize the Business Changes You want to Implement

Persona-based marketing provides the necessary means for marketers to design user stories and present them to customers who can relate to them. You can position yourself to profoundly influence your customers’ decision-making by providing them pertinent information.

Every day, your customers receive loads of information about various products. But, it is the compelling information and the information which appeals them, gets their attention. Persona Based Marketing helps you in designing a tailor made message for various groups of users, providing high level of personalization to the interactions with your customers.

In order to know how your business can define buyer personas and benefit from Persona Based Marketing, access our Persona Based Marketing Guide here.


Author: Mahesh Tadepalli

Mahesh Tadepalli brings the analytical edge to the marketing campaigns we manage. A holder of Master’s Degree in Mathematics, he plays a major role in harnessing the marketing data for effective decision-making. His experience in working with tech startups and understanding of marketing have proven to be instrumental in defining marketing technology solutions for companies across various industries.