Data Analytics – Why Businesses need Google Analytics

The raise of digital media not only provided new avenues of marketing but also provided the opportunity for businesses to understand the customer journey in totality. It also enabled businesses to develop better understanding of their business processes and the customer behavior by the means of various analytics. While tracking the user actions is a huge benefit analytics platforms provide, the real deal lies in no getting lost in these huge data sets.

Before getting started with using analytics to measure the marketing performance and understand the user behavior, you have to understand various types of analytics. There are a wide set of analytics available in the form of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Understanding the scope and limitations of these various types of analytics will ensure that you have a good start for your analytics journey.

The modern day analytics are also classified as web analytics and marketing analytics. Web analytics helps you to find how your customers are finding your business and how they are responding to your marketing effort in the online space. It enables you to improve the performance of your web presence and give the visitors exactly what they are looking for to improve your conversion rate. Marketing Analytics on the other hand have a higher scope providing you the ability to track your offline activities as well. While accounting for the online marketing activities, marketing analytics also integrates the offline metrics. Though marketing analytics provide a better understanding of your marketing efforts in totality, setting up Web analytics play a key role in its success.

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Author: Mahesh Tadepalli

Mahesh Tadepalli brings the analytical edge to the marketing campaigns we manage. A holder of Master’s Degree in Mathematics, he plays a major role in harnessing the marketing data for effective decision-making. His experience in working with tech startups and understanding of marketing have proven to be instrumental in defining marketing technology solutions for companies across various industries.