How To Track Your Tradeshow ROI

From time to time, LocalDirective team members will share their views on a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, Vicki comments on an article in Marketing Profs How to Track Your Tradeshow ROI by Peter Symonds.

Last month I posted a blog article Where Should I Spend My Marketing Dollars…Tradeshows or Online Marketing?   I spoke about having the best of both the real and virtual world as nothing replaces the human interaction that occurs during a tradeshow.  A planned integration of digital support for your tradeshow will assure a strong ROI.  The first step to understanding your ROI is to set up goals to be measured.

150331-symonds-tradeshow-lgWhen I read the article, How To Track Your Tradeshow ROI , I thought it was a perfect follow on to my previous article. Tradeshows require a significant investment many times moving into five-figures!  When Marketing Profs surveyed business owners, 50% don’t measure the ROI of their tradeshow activity.

They quote the inventor of modern management, Peter Drucker, “What Gets Measured, Gets Managed.”  The article highlights the process for tracking your ROI in an easy four-step system.

Using digital marketing to optimize your tradeshow investment, exceed your lead generation targets and nurture those leads through to sales conversion is the formula for successful and profitable tradeshow results.

Was your last tradeshow profitable? 

Enjoy the read…How To Track Your Tradeshow ROI.  Trust your next tradeshow will be more profitable!

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Author: Vicki Donnowitz

Vicki is passionate about listening to people's needs and helping them develop customized strategic marketing solutions which deliver profitable results. She is a Partner at DirectiveGroup and has over 25 years of Senior Executive level sales, marketing, merchandising and general management skills in corporations, start up, entrepreneurial and rapid growth companies.