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Email Marketing Remains One Of The Most Effective Online Marketing Tactics

by | Oct 5, 2011 | Email Marketing

Many people mistakenly believe that bulk email marketing is a technique that has passed its prime. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other communication channels it may seem to some that email marketing is no longer the way to reach prospective customers.

The statistics prove them wrong.

Email Is #1

According to a study conducted by Pew Research showed that reading or sending email is the most popular online activities. Further, it has consistently remained the most popular online activity since 2002 when Pew began tracking.

Bulk Email Marketing Works

Now that you know that email is how most people spend their time online, you may still doubt the effectiveness of email as a marketing
tactic. But savvy business owners still invest in email marketing because it works. Here’s the proof:

  • According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing was expected to generate an return of investment of $42.08 for every dollar spent on it in 2010. That means that email marketing outperforms all other direct marketing channels, such as print catalogs.
  • In Datran Media’s 2010 Annual Marketing & Media Survey, 39.4% of industry executives said the advertising channel that
    performed strongest for them was email.
  • A whopping 72% of respondents to an Econsultancy survey in early 2011 described email’s ROI as excellent or good.

How To Do Email Marketing The Right Way

Done the right way, email can produce significant results.

E-Newsletters – The email newsletter (sometimes referred to as an “ezine”) is an effective marketing tool for building brand awareness and strengthening relationships with your customers. It should contain relevant information and be sent regularly and consistently.

Autoresponders – Autoresponders are emails that are programmed to go out automatically when someone fills out a form on a website. The autoresponder can be one email or a series of emails that are sent out in preset time intervals. Autoresponders should be written to provide readers with useful information that will educate readers about your products or services.

Email Promotions– Email promotions are effective in generating immediate action since they offer readers information on special sales or other discounts for a limited time. Email promotions are very effective because since they signed up to be on your email list, you are sending special offers to people already interested in your product or service.

It is important to note that the success of email marketing is partially based on the fact that you are promoting to people who opted-in to your list. So, lead generation is an important aspect in effective opt-in email marketing. But if your website is properly designed, written and promoted you will have no problem finding interested people to join your list.

The low cost of direct email marketing plus all of the possibility to produce revenue make it one of the best marketing and advertising channels there is!


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