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Tips For Marketing Your Business On Mobile Platforms

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Digital Marketing, Website Management

Do you own a small business? If so, you know that a web presence is mandatory in this day and age. Most small business owners understand that and do their best, but as emergent technologies pop up it gets harder and hard to keep up with the times. One huge area of opportunity for business owners is mobile conversion; how does your site stack up? Here are some easy tips to help make your marketing campaign mobile friendly!

1) Make sure your CTA is mobile friendly

We all know that calls-to-action work and that you should use them, but most people often overlook making these CTAs user friendly for mobile users. Is your CTA a button that links to your contact page? Can the user easily tap the button with their thumb, or do they have to pinch and zoom on the button in order to use it?

These simple things can make a big difference on your conversion rate. Google released a study recently that found out 61% of mobile users call a business after performing a local business search. Get a piece of that pie and make sure the users can interact with your CTA on a mobile device!

2) Have a responsive site

Gone are the days of designing your website for one specific browser or resolution; we are in the age of responsiveness! For those of you that are unaware: a responsive design allows your site to transform based on the platform the user is viewing it on. If they view it on a desktop computer, the page will display at their native resolution for their monitor. If they view it on a mobile device, the on page elements will shrink and move to fit on the smaller screen.

ComScore did a study that suggests 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphone to shop in some capacity. If you don’t have a site that is mobile friendly, you are missing out on a huge audience of customers that are looking for you to pay you for your goods or services.

3) Have mobile friendly email campaigns

Almost half of all emails are opened on a mobile device these days; that includes all of your business emails and newsletters. The majority of small businesses online do a poor job at optimizing their newsletters for mobile users, which can seriously hurt your conversion rates.

The next time you are designing your newsletter keep these mobile users in mind. Make sure the file size on images isn’t too large. Make sure that images are small enough that they will display properly on mobile devices, etc.

4) Use Adwords Call Extensions in your PPC campaign

If you have an Adwords campaign running for your small business then you should definitely be using Call Extensions! Call extensions allow you to have your phone number on your Adwords ad for everyone to see. Not only is this information easy and valuable to a user, it has been statistically shown to increase your click through rate by up to 8%!

And there you have it, a few easy tips to incorporate into your marketing campaign in order to convert some of that mobile traffic you are getting. Read this but still need some more help? Why not give DirectiveGroup a call? We have years of experience in helping small business owners just like you get the exposure you need online.


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