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The need of Chief Marketing Technologist for Manufacturing Industry

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Digital Marketing

With the digitization of businesses, modern day Marketing has become more technology driven. This increasing dependency of marketing technology has given rise to a new breed of professionals whom the industry now calls, Chief Marketing Technologist. A Chief Marketing Technologist is the one who not only understands technology but also understands how it can be used to fuel the marketing efforts of the organization to boost the revenue.

Role of a Chief Marketing Technologist

Chief Marketing Technologists are familiar with the marketing techniques and processes and how technology can be used to drive the defined marketing activities and achieve the desired results. They understand how technology can used:

  • To define the target markets and their characteristics
  • To define targeted market campaigns
  • To create a seamless integration among the sales and marketing
  • To derive indicators to measure performance of the marketing campaigns
  • To enhance shopping experience of the target customers
  • To increase customer retention and generate cross selling revenue

Why you need a Chief Marketing Technologist

  • Building and Executing the Strategy: Chief Marketing Technologists will help your organization in defining the technological dependencies in executing your strategy. They can also guide in understanding how technology can often open new avenues for your business and help you in designing new strategies for your business.
  • Defining the technology stack: There are many marketing focused technology solutions available in the market. Not every solution is custom made for every business. One should understand on how to choose the required technology solutions, how they can integrate with existing or other solutions. Chief Marketing Technologists helps you in choosing the right technology solutions that will help you achieve your marketing goals. They help you in implementing the optimal technology solution for your organization.
  • Liaison between IT and Marketing Teams: The interaction of the marketing team with IT, whether in house or outsourced always remains a major challenge for businesses. More often than not, marketers maintain a specific terminology to define their ideas, which the IT department feels difficult to understand. With their knowledge in both the realms, Chief Marketing Technologists can understand such cross channel interactions and help you achieve the desired results at a faster pace.
  • Measuring the Marketing Performance: With the increasing marketing channels and online platforms, it is important to track the performance of the various marketing activities. The organization should have an understanding about the marketing avenues which are working for their business and which are not. A Chief Marketing Officer can help you defining various metrics which can track and measure the performance of all your marketing activities.
  • Delivering more relevant marketing campaigns: Advertising in the digital world has taken priority over the print advertising. With the technology based feedback of the online activities and learnings a chief marketing technologist will deliver a more targeted and relevant marketed campaigns.

The best Chief Marketing Technologist brings in technology driven marketing to the fore. They help you in facilitating agile marketing to maximize the potential of your marketing department and get better results from your efforts.



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