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Social Media strategy for B2B businesses

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Digital Marketing

Digital media has changed the marketing realm. Every business is now realizing the increasing importance of digital media in their marketing and even sales activities. Social Media, which has gained massive popularity as one of the most effective and efficient marketing tool for B2C businesses, finds relatively less takers among B2B businesses. Social media remains an underused resource by B2B businesses, and here is how B2B businesses can make most of social media:

Set your goals and define a strategy

Before you initiate your social media marketing, define the set of goals and objectives you want to achieve through this channel. Social media might not necessarily be your quintessential digital sales channel which is going to act as an instant lead generator. However, social media provides an excellent opportunity for you to establish your position as a thought leader in your industry. It also helps build a strong fan base of customers and supply chain partners.

Set your goals to measure the increase in brand awareness and brand loyalty. Measure them on the basis of the followers you have for your page, response to the ongoing conversations on your page and how well your content is being received and shared by your followers. All these activities help you expand your reach and engage and interact with a bigger audience base.

Identify the platforms your audience use

Research and identify the popular social media platforms your audience uses most frequently. Start building a strong presence on these platforms. By and large, LinkedIn remains the preferred social media platform for B2B marketers. Along with setting up a company page, start joining groups to contribute in discussions and build thought leadership. In addition to LinkedIn, make efficient use of platforms like Google+, Twitter and Facebook to distribute your content and increase awareness among your audience.

Engage your followers

The success of your social media strategy highly depends on how well you keep your followers engaged. Design a content strategy to develop and distribute your blog posts or articles, white papers and spec sheets. Sharing invitations of your webinars or upcoming events will also help in creating a buzz around your products and brand. Developing videos on YouTube or contests can also help with user engagement and may also help in creating interest during a new product launch.

When executed with a well-defined strategy, Social Media can help supplement your other B2B marketing efforts and help enhance your brand name. Of course this helps with positioning and prospects that already know of your business are more likely to convert into leads and then sales.

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