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So, what is Pokemon Go?

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Digital Marketing

From time to time DirectiveGroup team members will comment on a piece of content they see online. In this post, Larry Lembcke discusses the insanely popular Pokemon Go game and this article from Inc.com that talks about leveraging the game for small businesses. 

I am sure that you have heard of Pokemon Go by now. If you haven’t, just go walk outside onto any street and wait for a few minutes. I will almost guarantee you will see someone walking by, focused intently on their phone while they wave it around and spin in circles. That person is likely hunting Pokemon!

To give you an idea, Pokemon Go currently has more active daily users than Twitter. Let that sink in. In a week they have generated more daily users than one of the largest social platforms to ever exist. 16% of all Android devices have Pokemon Go installed, and 6% of all Android users are playing the game at least once a day. That is over 21 million daily users, all accomplished in a week. Oh ya, they also beat Facebook in average time on platform, as well.

Businesses are finding ways to jump in on the trend and generate some additional sales. While you can’t interface directly with the game (via advertising, etc), you can still attract troves of people to your front door! Using items called Lures, in conjunction with popular spots in the game, you can increase your foot traffic by hundreds of people a day!

This article from Inc.com highlights the process pretty well, and it is very cool to see ways for businesses to interact with a service like this outside of the normal advertising and the like.


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