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Sustainability in B2B Marketing: Leveraging Data for Success

by | Apr 17, 2023 | B2B Marketing, Business Strategy & Process, Digital Marketing, Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a key driver of business success, particularly in the B2B industry. In fact, research shows that 81% of B2B customers expect their suppliers to be sustainable. By prioritizing sustainability in their marketing, B2B companies can differentiate themselves from the competition and appeal to customers who value environmentally and socially responsible business practices.

So how can B2B marketers leverage sustainability to build a stronger brand and drive customer loyalty? Let’s explore some key strategies, backed by data and statistics.

  • Communicate Your Sustainability Efforts: According to a study by Cone Communications, 87% of consumers will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about. This means that communicating your sustainability efforts can have a significant impact on your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. A study by Nielsen found that 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, further reinforcing the importance of communicating sustainability efforts to customers. [source: Cone Communications, Nielsen]
  • Develop a Green Marketing Strategy: A green marketing strategy can be an effective way to communicate your sustainability efforts to customers. According to a survey by Deloitte, 78% of millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when making purchasing decisions. By incorporating green messaging and imagery into your marketing materials, and highlighting the environmental benefits of your products and services, you can attract and retain customers who value sustainability. [source: Deloitte]
  • Partner with Sustainable Suppliers: Partnering with sustainable suppliers is another way to leverage sustainability in your marketing. According to a survey by EcoVadis, 97% of companies consider sustainability when selecting suppliers. By working with suppliers that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainable business practices and differentiate your brand in the marketplace. [source: EcoVadis]
  • Implement Sustainable Business Practices: Finally, implementing sustainable business practices is a critical component of leveraging sustainability in your marketing. According to a survey by BCG, companies that implement sustainable business practices achieve a 13.6% increase in profit margins, on average. This includes reducing waste, conserving energy, and promoting social responsibility throughout your organization. By demonstrating your commitment to sustainability in your day-to-day operations, you can build trust and credibility with your customers. [source: BCG]

At DirectiveGroup, we understand the importance of sustainability in the B2B industry. Our team of experienced B2B marketers, data analysts, and technologists can work with you to develop a customized sustainability strategy that aligns with your business goals and helps you establish yourself as a leader in sustainable business practices.

By leveraging data and statistics from reputable sources such as Cone Communications, Nielsen, Deloitte, EcoVadis, and BCG to demonstrate the business benefits of sustainability, we can help you build a stronger brand, drive customer loyalty, and achieve your sustainability goals. So if you’re ready to leverage sustainability in your B2B marketing, contact DirectiveGroup today. Let’s build a sustainable future together.


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