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Marketing Trends for 2015

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Digital Marketing

Forbes recently posted an article about brand and marketing trends for 2015 and I wanted to share it with everyone. Although it is short, I think it provides a good snapshot of the things to come in 2015. You can read the original article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertpassikoff/2014/12/15/brand-and-marketing-trends-for-2015/

While the article isn’t primarily about internet marketing, there are several takeaways you can carry over into an internet only space. I think a few of the primary points in the article were:

1) Personalization – Consumers will keep expecting more personalized experiences while shopping online, so brands will have to adapt to this.

2) Brand Engagement – Businesses will really have to look at engagement online instead of just number of likes/visits/pageviews, etc.

3) Emotion – Brands will need to become emotional and connect with their userbase through content and storytelling.

4) Seamless Experience – Users want to find their item and they want to purchase it now. Make sure your storefront or website facilitates easy conversions, whether they be calls, forms, or purchases.

Those were my big takeaways from the article for the internet sphere. What do you think about the article? Have any thoughts about how 2015 will change the way marketers think?


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