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Make a Bigger Marketing Impact with Infographics

by | Apr 14, 2014 | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Studies show that the average person reads only 28 percent of the words on a typical webpage. Customers are looking for the information they want, and if they aren’t able to find that information quickly, they will go to another site. However, the hard statistics and data that may be most important to your customers’ decision-making process isn’t, by itself, easily scannable. Simple graphs, charts, and tables of data are possibilities, but without context, often take just as long to assess as a block of text. Infographics are a powerful solution to providing your visitors the data they are looking for, in a manner that they can quickly and readily understand.

Build the Better Pie (Chart) With Infographics

Infographics are visual presentations of information that rely on graphic design elements. The most effective infographics go beyond the standard bar graphs and pie charts to add visual symbols that better deliver the hard data at the heart of the infographic. However, the graphical elements are not merely for aesthetics. They are carefully selected to complement the data they’re helping present, so that your readers can more easily, accurately assess the information.

Five Benefits of Infographics

Infographics provide an array of benefits to you and your visitors.

1. They make data easier to remember. Studies suggest up to 90 percent of the data we remember is due to its visual impact. Using strong inforgraphics to present key information will help your customer remember it, and your business, more than simple statistics.

2. They communicate important information quickly. As mentioned earlier, readers scan written content, searching for the important points. A well-designed infographic will allow the reader to understand key data in less time than presenting it in large blocks of text or tables.

3. They are viral. The visual appeal of infographics makes them muchmore likely to be shared than text or tables. In fact, infographics on your site can be given an embed code allowing others to share them, with credit back to your page. When your infographic is shared, the reach of your message, and your potential customer base, increases. When shared, they become a valuable lead generation tool.

4. They Strengthen Your Brand. Readers will associate your well-developed infographic, with the underlying statistic, and ultimately your business, raising your brand awareness.

5. They are Multi-Purpose Tools. Your infographics can be used online and in print. From web pages to white papers, brochures, and power points, infographics are powerful informational aids in a variety of media.

While infographics may not be able to completely replace a report or white paper, they are one of the most powerful methods of delivering hard data in a memorable, user-friendly manner, and their development can be an integral component to an effective integrated marketing strategy.


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