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Cart Abandonment – Do’s and Don’ts – Part 2

by | Mar 7, 2015 | Digital Marketing, eCommerce

We have addressed the necessary steps one should take to reduce cart abandonment and how they can attract the visitors to complete the transaction in the earlier blog post. In this blog we will discuss what you should not do in order to reduce the cart abandonments.

Don’t Make Registration Mandatory

Keep you check out process as simple as possible. Don’t force your customers to register. Provide a guest check out option to complete the transaction avoiding any unnecessary steps. Though the information in registration form will help you in understanding and serving your customer better, don’t force it on them during the transaction. Instead you can provide an option for them to register at a later point of time. This does not interrupt the transaction process of the customer keeping the details to minimal.

Avoid Surprise Charges

Customers hate any surprise charges once they are on the checkout page. Be upfront with the costs included in the transaction. Make sure you display shipping charges or any other related charges on the product page. Don’t surprise your customers on the checkout page. Be transparent about the shipping costs, time for delivery and any other costs involved. Larger than expected shipping charges or any surprise charges would add to cart abandonment rates.

Don’t Ignore Mobile

Mobile devices are gaining increasing popularity as one of the major shopping mediums. And when it comes to mobile checkout, it has its unique set of factors. You have to ensure that all your pages are designed to be mobile friendly. The users should be able to view all the required fields and information clearly. Your users have to go through several forms and required information viewing them in a tiny area. Ensure that all our pages are responsive and mobile friendly providing excellent user experience and optimize the checkout process.

Don’t Over Incentivize

In the process of regaining the business from the abandoned cart users, don’t over incentivize them. Avoid sending coupon codes unnecessarily to such users. Avoid sending attractive coupon codes in your first email to such users. More users may follow the suit to get such discounts. Similarly, test your coupon code field placement. Many studies have shown that having a coupon code field on the checkout page would prompt users to go back and search for the coupons. Though coupons and discounts act as one of the ways to attract more business, be specific about how you are using them.

Every e-commerce website tries to create a compelling online experience for the visitors to purchase their products. They create functionalities on their website to guide their users through the funnel and encouraging them to add the products to the cart. E-commerce websites should implement some simple steps to counter cart abandonment. They have to recognize the problem areas before and after cart abandonment and address them to increase business.


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