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3 Keys to a Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy during the Holiday Season

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Management

The holiday season is defined as a time with family and friends, food, and gift giving. Throughout the year, people are always looking to find the best and most unique gifts for their loved ones, but are you reaching these consumers before they make their purchasing decisions?

Google reported that 64% of smartphone shoppers turned to mobile search for ideas on what to buy before heading into stores. Now more than ever it is vital that your company includes mobile marketing as apart of your marketing strategy.

To maximize your holiday sales, you need to be able to present your product via their mobile device months in advance of the holiday season. Here are 3 simple keys for a successful mobile marketing strategy that your company should implement throughout the year to ensure a successful holiday season:

  • Mobile Friendly Website

Starting off with the basics, you would think that this would be an obvious start to implementing a mobile marketing strategy. But it turns out, many businesses have failed to make their website mobile friendly, which in turn has caused them to lose potential revenue. Consumers should be able to view all of the content on your website in a reasonable amount of time on their smartphones.

  • Utilize Social Networking Platforms

Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest allow you to connect with millions of users, and even gives you the ability to reach a target audience based on certain demographics or location. By utilizing these platforms, it allows you to create a community of consumers who are interacting with your brand every time you publish a new post, which turns them into brand ambassadors every time they share your content organically.


Send holiday specials and deals directly to your established consumer or potential consumers who have signed up to receive messages from you about specials or holiday deals.

By implementing a mobile marketing plan with these 3 keys in mind, you will connect much further with a wide range of consumers who are looking for your product on their smartphone.


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