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5 Ways to Develop Trust with Content Readers

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Content Marketing

Content sets a tone. It delivers your company mission, vision and other important information about your business. Content helps to build your brand presence online, but it also sets a company tone, differentiate you from the competition, establish you as a leader in the your industry and take your business rankings high in Google search results.

In addition, content also helps you to win the trust & faith of your audience.

By providing useful, informative and precise information to the readers, answering their questions, and giving smart yet reliable solution to their problems, your content development is an excellent way to build a long lasting relationship with your potential customers.


Whether you’ve just stepped into the world of digitization or you’re a successful brand looking to revamp the content marketing strategy, the tips below will help you build YOUR trust factor online.

Stop Promoting Yourself.

One of the worst things that many brands do when writing an article/blog is to simply focus on promoting themselves in the content. If you’ve overly promotional content you know it – and it often just feels wrong! Don’t adopt this strategy yourself. There are plenty of (better) ways to promote your business without making it your only topic focus.

We recommend that you try to maintain a ratio of 80/20: 80% generic content and 20% self-promoted content.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Company’s Value.

No matter what you write, make sure to put a limelight on company’s value. If you can’t read the content you’ve written yourself again and again, you can’t expect your readers to do the same. Keeping this in mind, do deep research and collect the information relevant to your brand. Instead of focusing on your products and/or services, write about something your audience would love to read.

Be Consistent.

Consistency definitely matters for your readers, no matter where they’re coming from. When you maintain consistency throughout the process, it shows that you’re not only committed towards your business, but also that you care about people coming to grab some useful information from your blog.

While the exact definition of consistency varies from brand to brand and company to company, you should at least post a blog once in a week. If you don’t, people will soon start feeling like you’ve never existed for them and find an alternative option.

Give Your Readers What They Want.

Does the content you are sharing address the needs of your readers? If not, then you’re not writing for the sake of your readers. Instead of just choosing a random topics you see on internet, (or that you may find interesting) it’s better to write about something your readers will love to read. Don’t know what that is…? Ask them!

Do your own research and learn more about your audience. What problems they’re facing? What are they looking for? What are they expecting from your content? What they want to get out of your writing?

The more you know about your readers and prospective readers, the more focus you can put on addressing the real time issues, and hence, you’ll be able to build a trust factor with your audience in no more time.

Use the Right platform

Last but not least – use the right channels to share content with your target audience all over the world. While many marketers try to overlook the importance of content distribution on various channels, it is important to spread a word about your business on different platforms so people can get to know about your brand. Here’s why: no matter how nicely you’ve written the content or how much time you’ve taken to write a piece of content, it would be of zero value if nobody sees it.

What’s more, publishing content on those channels your audience stays active proves you’re willing to gain their attention. This, in turn, helps you win the trust of your audience and gives your readers a chance to turn into loyal customers in near future.

If you are looking for ways to increase the trust of your readers through your content, follow these five tips. While everyone is struggling hard to create high quality and unique content, many of them don’t know from where to start. This annoys them and keep them wondering why their online content is not giving the results they have been expecting in the beginning.

Luckily, it is not as difficult as it seems.

To create useful content, you must first be aware of its basics and know all the points that are important to consider for creating trustworthy content. This involves everything including your brand needs, customer’s expectations etc. In case if you are still facing problems in building the trust factor of your audience, contact DirectiveGroup now!


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