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5 Oldschool Marketing Tactics That Still Work!

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Brand Management

If you have been doing marketing for any length of time then you are probably aware of one thing: Things change. A lot! Just look around on any given day and you will notice there are far fewer magazine stands and book stores still standing, which makes sense. Magazines make a lot of their revenue from advertisements, but when advertisers find more cost efficient means to promote their goods or services they no longer need the reach and exposure that the magazine provides.

That doesn’t mean that all of the “oldschool” marketing tactics are gone though. While it is true that print advertising has seen a drastic decline in the last ten years, there are still plenty of traditional marketing tactics that still work.  There was an article on Forbes by Steve Olenski recently that talks about just that. You can see the full article here: “Throwback Thursday:  5 Old School Marketing Methods That Still Work

In his article, Steve talks about some of the traditional marketing techniques that still work today and provides some good insight as to why.

1) Promotional Gifts

2) Mailing Lists/Lead Purchasing

3) Coupons/Mailers

4) Sign Spinning

5) Jingles/Songs

As you look at his list you start to think about how popular brands are incorporating these elements into their marketing campaigns today. When I thought about it, I could recall several brands that use one or more of these elements in their marketing campaigns to great effect! Have you successfully used any of these tactics for your small business?


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