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3 Ways To Video Boosts Your Internet Marketing

by | May 5, 2016 | Brand Management

We all know that video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are monsters in the internet space. Content creators have been releasing YouTube videos for years that generate amazing value for their brand, so why can’t you jump in on this as well? Video platforms are just for amateur movie makers or mega corporations! Consider these three reasons why you should be leveraging video today:

1) Subscriptions – Most content creators are able to serialize their content and generate a userbase. These subscribers will follow your brand and watch the content you release on a continuing basis. Much like email marketing campaigns establish drips, you can do the same with your video marketing campaign.

2) Show Your Brands Personality – Video is a fantastic medium for conveying not only your brands message, but its personality as well. Brands like Old Spice and Dollar Shave Club have had fantastic and very successful video campaigns showcasing their goofy sense of humor. These are great examples of a traditional brand building a unique image through a video personality.

3) Build Authority For Your Brand – For years students and trainees around the world have been using video as a way to learn from experts and teachers; why can’t you do the same thing with video? Generate content that shows off your knowledge and builds authority for your brand.

And there you go, 3 simple ways video boosts your internet marketing campaign! Having trouble figuring out how to position your business for a video takeover? Why not give us a call? DirectiveGroup has years of experience helping businesses gain visibility online. Reach out and ask us how we can help you today!


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