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Your Site Design is Instantly Important

by | Nov 15, 2010 | Website Management

Earlier this month Google launched a new feature of their search product, Instant Preview. This is a quick display of the cache (stored) image of the page Google has on file. This instant preview allows a user to see the site before they click on the link to it.

So what? Do Instant Previews really matter?

Actually, yes, they matter a lot. According to an article Laurie Sullivan wrote for Online Media Daily, users of Instant Previews are 5% more likely to like the sites they visit. This significantly impacts website performance in a couple specific ways:

  1. If a user doesn’t like what they see in the preview, they are less likely to click through to you site.
  2. If users are 5% happier with your site, that translates into an increase in average Pages Viewed Per Visit, Time on Site, and total Conversion.

So, for anyone who has been considering a redesign of your website now is a great time. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you’re working through your new design:

  1. Logo Placement – Make sure your logo is placed such that it holds a prominent position in your header. People like to see what company they are researching, they typically don’t like “stealth” companies (those who try to hide their identity or don’t have one).
  2. General Layout – make sure your site structure is aesthetically pleasing from a “thumbnail” perspective. If it looks busy when you’re on the site, it’s going to look cluttered and overwhelming in a thumbnail. Also, be sure your most critical points are high in the page
  3. Header Text – Be sure your header text is intuitive. If it’s not a clear statement, rewrite it. This will allow a user to get an idea of what they’ll get on your site before they get there. It also helps the user identify if your site will be useful for what they’re seeking to accomplish in their search.

If you’re not sure how to develop a website to achieve a high conversion rate, partner up with an Internet Marketing firm who has proven experience and results.


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