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New Study Reveals Your Website Is Key To B2B Sales

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Website Management | 0 comments

A recent study conducted by Demandbase and Focus proves that a company’s website is a critically important source of new sales leads. The only lead source more effective is referrals and personal connections. The study also found that even when the sales lead originated from another source, nearly all leads end up reviewing the website at some point during the purchasing process.

This study shows just how critical a website is to a company’s ability to get new sales leads. But in stark contrast to the critical role a website plays for business is the finding that companies are doing very little to optimize the website experience for the people that visit their site!

Other findings in the study include:

• Most corporate websites are not performing to their maximum lead generation potential

• Businesses see that they need serious improvement in their ability to track unidentified site visitors

• The challenge is not the web analytics data, but the ability to act on the data

In the study, businesses recognize the critical role their website plays in B2B sales lead generation. A few short years ago salespeople where the primary source of education in B2B sales – today people turn to corporate websites.
So why aren’t businesses doing a better job in optimizing their website for their customers? The answer is simple, because they don’t know how. And sadly, neither do most website development companies.

Many website design companies produce quality websites. However, few of them understand how to take the necessary steps to position your company for high conversion. (..much less search engine optimization!) Producing this type of website requires extensive knowledge in all aspects of marketing (online, offline, direct marketing). Not only should a website have a pleasing design, but it simply must have logical navigation and good conversion elements that will result in visitors taking the action you’d like them to take.

One way to know if your website is actually serving its purpose is to review your website analytics. If you find that you are getting website traffic, but people are leaving without taking action, contact a reputable online marketing agency – one with a deep understanding of creating websites that convert visitors to sales leads.



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