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Increase Conversions Using Your Website As A Tour Guide

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Website Management

If you have never been to Ikea, when you walk in, and you’re immediately introduced with two choices marked by giant arrows: walk through the marketplace or go immediately to what you already know you need. If you choose the marketplace, they lead you very clearly (there are even lines on the floor showing you where to go) through each of the different rooms, with furniture and decorations showing you what your life as an Ikea customer can look like. After you’ve gone through the entire marketplace, you then find yourself at the warehouse where you pick up everything you saw and decided you wanted.

You can use this same strategy to convert more customers through your website. On the web, you’ve only have a few seconds to engage visitors and convert them to leads or customers. Without a clear path, they may experience information overload and never get to the information or products you want them to. First, identify the primary goal of your website and lead visitors to that goal through clear calls to action and simple navigation. In this way you are letting your website serve as the tour guide of your products or services.

What is Your Primary Goal?

Why do people go to your website? It should be obvious on the homepage what your company does. But, you need to decide what a successful conversion is for your website, whether it’s buying your product, making an appointment, requesting a quote, education, etc. Once you’ve clearly decided what a successful conversion is, you can start to create a path to lead customers to that conversion.

Some customers will need more information before making a decision. Others may not need as much. Some visitors are just seeing what’s out there and not necessarily actively looking for a solution. Make sure the path you build on your website addresses the questions of all of these people. Whatever their reason, don’t assume these people are going to know what to do. You need to take them by the hand and tell them what to look at next and tell them what to do next.

7 Easy Improvements That Lead Your Visitors Through Your Website:

  1. For visitors who are ready to buy, download or sign up, be sure there is a clear “Buy Now”, “Download”, or “Register Now” call to action button on the homepage. Even if someone isn’t ready to buy, they will appreciate knowing exactly where to go when they are.
  2. For people who need more information, put a description of your product or service, complete with testimonials, and link to any pages that provide more information. It often helps to segment various topics into sections like Testimonials, Benefits, Photos, etc.
  3. For non-customers who are not sure if they need your product or service, offer a free report or some sort of downloadable. You may also consider offering an actionable item, like the option of signing up for your newsletter or email updates. Don’t forget that social media is a great opportunity to stay in touch with these people and be sure to provide visible social media links on you website so they can stay connected. These calls to action are important in getting people to act and become customers, either now or in the future.
  4. Provide the benefits and experience of either buying your product. Also provide the information people unfamiliar with your products need clearly and concisely to make it very easy for people to decide to purchase.
  5. Provide a way of signing up quickly and easily, and if visitors are looking for more information, give a big call to action that expands on who you are and what you can do for the visitor.
  6. Make it immediately clear what you do, and have a clear call to action to sign up. Be sure to present the benefits of using your product or service. If more information is needed, create links to more information.
  7. Be sure that somewhere on the page there should be links that allow visitors to stay in touch with you.

By using Use these steps to improve your website’s usability, you’ll begin to see more visitors becoming customers.


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