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Building a Website for Customer Engagement

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Conversion Rate Optimization, Website Management

It comes as no surprise that engaging your customers is a vital part of securing their business, but how do you get started doing that online? If you think about it, most websites you visit invite your participation in ways that go beyond simply reading a page. The internet is largely visual and interactive. Building a customer base online is all about giving the customers something to do.

Communication and Feedback

Part of customer engagement can simply be opening yourself to that slightly scary prospect of a comment section. If your business has a blog, which it should, you have to allow readers space for discourse and the exchange of ideas. Customers also want to know they can easily communicate their feedback on your products and services. Feedback forms, surveys, and forums can all allow this to take place.

Coupons and Contests

Simply giving a customer the opportunity to sign up for a deal is a form of engagement, especially if they have to commit to an email list in order to receive promotions. One of the reasons social media has been so successful for small businesses is because it has made contests much easier. Whether you are running a contest on Facebook, Pinterest, or right there on your site, make sure to promote it on every page. Ask for likes, pins, and other engaging actions for the price of entry.

Symbiotic Parts

One of the main tools of customer engagement is making sure that every aspect of your website relates back to the others. Use forums to promote social media and vice versa. Use feedback as a way to introduce sales. Don’t be afraid to give customers a chance at some free interaction. Even if they don’t want to buy your product at first, a positive experience and a memorable website will stick in their memory.

If you’re unsure about how you want to engage customers, you should first sit down and decide what your company message will be and how to most effectively communicate it. Remember, about one fifth of your customers will make up the vast majority of your business, so it’s important you understand who they are and how to reach them. Think about the structure of your website using these most basic questions and business philosophies. Then you can inspire every visitor who clicks on your page to get excited about what you have to offer.


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