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Time to get Snapchat Certified: What to expect from Snap Focus

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Social Media Marketing

Snapchat is a social media platform on the rise. A favorite for the younger generation, Snapchat reached 90% of all 13-24-year-olds and 75% of all 13-34-year-olds in the US last year. These trends are only growing as more and more teens abandon Facebook and head to Snapchat to stay in touch with friends during the COVID-19 era. Active Snapchatters open the app an average of 30 times per dayWith such a large and engaged audience at our fingertips, now is a time to start advertising on Snapchat. 

Get a head start on Snapchat advertising with “Snap Focus”, Snapchat’s brand new six-course certification program, which offers the opportunity for advertisers and agencies to master the intricacies of Snapchat Ads Manager and stay on top of everything Snapchat advertising has to offer. It’s also free, and according to Snapchat’s June 15th press release, “Whether your focus is on media planning and buying, audience and communications planning, brand strategy, or creative development, Snap Focus has something for you.”  

Each course is relatively short, ranging from 9 minutes (Course 1) to 33 minutes (Course 6) and the entire program could reasonably be completed within an afternoon. You do need an active Snapchat account (also free) to enroll.  

Here’s what to expect from each of the six courses: 

Course 1 – Intro to Snapchat 

To those of us who weren’t already Snapchat users, this course runs through the basics: explore camera functions, and learn how people watch content through Snapchat Stories and Shows. 

Course 2 – The Snapchat Generation 

Not convinced that Snapchat ads are worth your while? This course is aimed to change your mind, providing some mind-blowing stats on Generation Z and Millennial users as well as the influence Gen Zers have on household purchase decisions.  

Course 3 – Advertising on Snapchat 

Here’s where we start to get technical – this course goes through all of the campaign objectives offered in Snapchat ads, as well as ad formats, bidding optimization, targeting options, and reporting. Plus, learn how to track conversions with the Snap Pixel! 

Course 4 – Getting started with Ads Manager 

Ready to actually set up a campaign? Use this course as your hands-on guide while building out your campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Those used to working in Facebook Ads Manager should feel right at home as the Snapchat process is very similar.  

Course 5 – Creative Best Practices 

Discover creative best practices categorized by different ad types, including collection ads, vertical video, and Lenses AR Experiences. If you’re not the one designing visuals, we highly recommend showing this course to your graphic design team. 

Course 6 – Measure and Optimize Campaigns 

Learn how to customize reporting, optimize ad sets for performance, perform creative testing, and used advanced measurement solutions in this meaty final course.  

Our take:

This is a great course for any advertiser or agency looking to test the Snapchat waters. It won’t make you an overnight expert, but it will provide you with the tools you need to start creating, designing and publishing successful campaigns. Seasoned marketers should have no trouble transitioning to a new platform that is very similar in structure to Facebook Ads Manager and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. 


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