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No Mobile Social Media Marketing Strategy? You Are Doing It All Wrong

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Social Media Marketing

The easy availability and reach of mobile technology has made it even harder to ignore the mobile social world sphere. The social media landscape may be in a constant state of flux but users are spending more time accessing social media sites from mobiles instead of personal desktop computers. According to We Are Social there are 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts worldwide and nearly 1 million new active mobile social users are being added every day.  Based on a study from mobile marketing company, firm Smart Insights we spend 86% of our time online on our smartphones. People in American spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media sites and over 60% of the time being spent accessing social media sites are not being spent on desktop computers but on smartphones and tablets. About 90% of Facebook’s 934M daily active users are on the mobile app. More than 92% of Pinterest users access it through the mobile while 86% of Twitter users are mobile.

With more users consuming their web content from mobile devices, the success of social media strategy is intrinsically connected to your mobile strategy. Since mobile phones are more advanced than ever, users now expect full functionality on their mobile devices, rather than a restricted or less functional version of the desktop site. A successful social media strategy is built on the foundation of sharing and connecting that appeal to mobile users. A strong mobile presence is a must but winning at it is not a given because most businesses cannot differentiate between user experiences when accessing social media from a personal computer and the same from a mobile device.

Your business requires a clearly defined mobile strategy for specific social media networks to strengthen your brand at many levels. Besides encouraging interest in your brand, it must also help your business acquire new customers and target industry influencers.

3 Key Elements Of A Mobile Social Media Marketing Strategy

Besides performance and mobile engagement, businesses should consider these 3 key points before drawing up a mobile strategy that is both coherent and efficient for all your social channels:

  1. Optimization

Optimize your content across all digital channel sites, for all types of mobile devices so that users can easily discover, share and make purchases seamlessly. These platforms have become the ultimate vehicles of self-expression and a mobile social strategy must take into account this by producing content that is sophisticated while remaining personal. Users should be able to discover your brand’s content anywhere, anytime and with all types of mobile devices, through mobile social objects like photos, videos, coupons, infographics, and articles.

It is important to focus on mobile-centered post formats, such as Facebook canvas ads, Stories, and Instagram Story Ads, for both organic posts and social ads.

Moreover, your page and post should preferably be styled and formatted to display well on both mobile and desktop. When creating image files, it would be wise to consider ideal image sizes for mobile. The different ideal mobile image sizes for each platform are-


  • 640px x 360px – cover image size for mobile
  • 180px x 180px – Facebook profile pictures
  • 160px x 160px- post photos


  • 110px x 110px- profile pictures
  • 1080px x 1080px- traditional view format


  • 400px x 400px- profile photos
  • 400px x 40px- images posted on Twitter
  • 1500px x 500px- cover photos
  1. Relevancy

You have to create content taking into consideration the keywords used by your mobile audience, prioritizing those with the highest relevancy to your business and search volume, especially those that are already providing traffic. There is no one-size fits all solution for mobile social media strategy, especially when you factor in device and audiences, so you need to share content specifically for each demographic. Consider using the hyper-targeting feature to get invaluable information, such as interests and hobbies, from various social media profiles of your followers. This allows you to target and advertise your brand by location, language, demographics and more.

  1. Popularity

Enhance your mobile content popularity by attracting links, references, citations, especially from highly relevant and authoritative sources, such as local news sites, blogs, social networks and so on. To avoid message fatigue, as you put together your mobile social strategy, create a way to tailor your message to specific platforms. Start with the platforms that have the highest return for your brand. Use analytics to see if platform success varies depending on how people are accessing it (i.e., via desktop or smartphone). These usage patterns, referring to habits or activities of users while connected to mobile devices, are important for managing mobile social media strategy and people engagement on different mobile devices.

Maximize The Potential Of Mobile Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Your mobile strategy should empower the user to get involved in the success of your business, almost like a stakeholder rather than just buyers of products and services. Using the power of mobility and social media marketing tactics to build an engaged audience & establish your brand’s presence across all your social networks is a guaranteed way for your business to be successful.

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