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SEO: Rankings Are Not The End All

by | Sep 22, 2010 | Search Engine Optimization

On the surface it always seems better to be on top. We want to win, to be the best, and having our business highest ranking on the search engine results page feels great. But remember why you created an online presence in the first place: Leads and conversions. You want quality contacts that generate revenue. Having a high ranking keyword is great if it brings you to your goal. However, there are other things to consider.

In The One Mistake That Many CEOs Make About SEO, this problem is identified. The fact is, the top position is only as good as the performance of that keyword. SEO is about finding keywords that generate a ROI (return on investment). If a keyword has a good ROI, it’s a priority keyword. However, it if doesn’t, then reconsider insisting that keyword be top ranking, even if it is a relevant term in your field.

Consider the possibility that a relevant keyword may be more relevant to another industry. It could be that the traffic that the keyword attracts is not the customer that generates revenue for your business. It’s that simple.

What’s the cure? Hire a SEO agency that you can trust and that will do a thorough keyword analysis and keyword research. Educate yourself so that you know enough to understand what is going on; don’t be in the dark. Check the numbers; the statistics won’t lie. If you understand enough about what’s going on that you can appreciate the results of your SEO campaign, you are on your way to meeting your goal of leads and conversions.


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