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7 Tips To Improve SEO Through Better B2B Product Pages

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization

Being at the top of Google search results is the Holy Grail not just for B2C companies but also for B2B businesses, as B2B buyers mostly conduct research and find products online. Nearly 39% of global eCommerce traffic comes from search engines. And getting on that first page of search results has a handsome payoff in terms of consistent quality lead generation and boost in sales.

Solution/Product Pages

All B2B sites have loads of content from blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, social updates, videos and more. This works extremely well for creating brand awareness and informing early-stage leads but the end goal is always to move leads to check out your products. And if your product pages do not contain compelling information about your products or it doesn’t answer buyer questions, then you may be driving leads away.

Solution/Feature-specific pages have two major end goals-

* To present the benefits of your product/service- This is your chance to communicate why you have the best solution for your target audience’s burning problem.

* To rank higher for keywords related solution/feature-specific pages.

Why Optimize Product Pages?

You need to optimize SEO for different B2B website product pages – ensuring increased search visibility, longer onsite engagement, and a higher search rank.

Since a vast majority of all search requests come from highly specific ‘long-tail’ search terms as opposed to high-volume search terms, they are generally more targeted with improved conversion rates. Moreover, these keywords are far cheaper to bid on. Therefore, product pages of your B2B website are primed to satisfy this type of search query.

Here are a few easy tips for tweaking your product pages to make them work like a virtual sales team and give your SEO a boost.

1. Use Original Product Descriptions

Always use unique and original product descriptions for each item add value to your product page SEO. Never copy descriptions created by product manufacturers as there will already be many other sellers using them. Search engines can penalize your site for duplicate content. so it may penalize your site.

2. Be Accurate And Consistent

Make sure that product information and data descriptions are accurate, relevant and unique to each product. This is absolutely essential so that you don’t confuse the search engine and it can immediately display the correct product in search results for buyers.

3. Avoid Information Overload

Avoid trying to cram in too much information in the product description. People find it difficult to read product’s features in long, dense paragraphs. They are likely to miss your message. Focus on a few key messages for leads to take away. From there, they can download a brochure or click on another piece of content to learn more. And make sure to have a separate landing page for each product as it helps improve SEO too.

4. Show And Tell

Rich media and screenshots of your product can make your listings even more eye-catching even for B2B sites. Videos demonstrating product use can help buyers engage with your products and offer more. Moreover, search engines are more likely to place results with video content more highly than those without. To properly optimize product pages, tag your media assets, add descriptive images and apply consistent keywords in the alt-text to boost your SEO rankings.

5. Pick Keywords Wisely

You can improve SEO by enriching your use of keywords and keyphrases when creating page titles and product descriptions based on actual search results and search patterns your buyers use. Align keywords with actual search requests. Try putting certain keywords in bold or italics for emphasis to help your content stand out from your competitors. Including rich text within the HTML helps search engines give more importance to your listings than those without it.

6. Include Social Proof

It is not just necessary to integrate social media on product pages by adding social sharing buttons to all product and content pages in order to make your site more visible but also to include social proof. Buyers find and trust peer reviews of your products more than any promotional material you put out. So do include case studies, testimonials and peer reviews in your product descriptions to help establish your credibility.

7. Optimize Product Pages For Mobile A Procurement study on the State of B2B, showed that 44% of B2B buyers use mobile devices when they research products. So your product pages better be optimized for mobile so that buyers can easily view them on any type of mobile device. Make sure your most important information and a clear call to action is displayed at the top of the page so that mobile users do not have to scroll far to take action.


As you can see, it is possible to boost the visibility of your B2B business on different search engines by implementing these SEO strategies to all of your product pages. While it is quite a challenging task to utilize all these SEO best practices on every single product page, the benefits are too substantial to ignore.

Don’t let anything hold you back from converting more leads into customers. DirectiveGroup can help your business make changes to your product pages to make them more search engine friendly.


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