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Unveiling of Google’s New Display Platform

by | Mar 22, 2012 | Search Engine Marketing

Why haven’t you been advertising on Google’s Display Network?

If you are like many other advertisers your answers are probably similar to ones such as…

  • I don’t see the value.
  • It’s not cost effective.
  • It’s too difficult to truly target your audience.
  • The system itself is too complicated.

If those reasons sound familiar to you, you may want to reconsider your decision not to advertise on the display network. Google has recently revamped the look, feel and functionality of their Display Network. These changes have definitely minimized (or even eliminated) many of the obstacles you may have previously experienced.

Google describes the renovation of their Display Network advertising as “a bit of a fairytale-like transformation”. The overhaul of the options now provided by Google include doing away with the overused conversion instruction of “Click Here!” banner ads, to new and improved banner or other display adds that are more modern and engaging which will result in more conversions for you.

The changes don’t stop with the look and feel of the ads themselves. To encompass these ads, Google has also been working on reinventing the Platform used to build and manage your newly created ads. Today is the unveiling of Google’s newly designed Display Network Platform that has promised to simplify the way you manage, bid and build your display campaigns.

Since the inception of the Display Network, 9 years ago, advertisers have been forced to design display campaigns around the same concepts used to create search campaigns. Even though for the most part, we were able to get the job done using this strategy, many of us noticed, the job may not have been done as efficiently or effectively as we desired.

To overcome this challenge, over the next few weeks, Google will be rolling out the new display interface that comes equipped with its own tab within AdWords. This new interface that has been built from the ground up will enable advertisers to bid, target and optimize display campaigns all from a single place. This is a much needed improvement and a much more efficient way to manage display campaigns.

Additionally, Google has added keywords statistics to display marketing. Advertisers will now have some of the same control and ability to fine tune their marketing efforts for better ROI.  Google boast that you will be able to fine tune your campaign down to the keyword level.

This is something that all Adwords display advertisers should be checking for and if you currently are not using the display network, now might be the time to give it a go. As more information is rolled out we will continue to update you on how you can use the new display functionality to improve your ROI for your online marketing.


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