YouTube, New Opportunities for Today

As we spend more time at home, viewer attention is shifting even more to online entertainment options. People are streaming on TV screens and using their mobile devices to watch their favorite shows more than ever, and that is opening additional opportunities for YouTube advertisers.

YouTube has the highest reach and viewing hours among ad-supported streaming services and represents a quarter of all streaming watch time across (subscription and ad-supported platforms) in the US (Comscore).

Ads on the YouTube platform are a highly effective medium to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. However, it is critical when employing YouTube Ads that a maintenance strategy is in place as new changes to the platform can both provide new opportunities and require modifying ads to maintain and increase ROI.

In fact, several new changes, available now, are designed to make advertising more effective and reach more users. Continue reading “YouTube, New Opportunities for Today”

YouTube Advertising – 3 Easy Ways to Market Your Business on YouTube

YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine behind Google. While you may not consider YouTube to even be a search engine, your customers do, and are watching reviews, “how to” content, and entertaining videos right now.  YouTube reports to receive 800M unique visitors a month. (Yes, that’s an M for million.)

Maybe you have hundreds of videos that you want to use to attract new customers, or you’re wondering how you can leverage YouTube traffic without any video content at all. Whatever the case, YouTube has an affordable advertising solution for your business and in this article we’ll cover 3 easy ways to advertise on YouTube.

YouTube Display Ads

Do you want to advertise on YouTube but don’t have any video content?  No Problem, Invideo display ads allow you to advertise on or next to relevant YouTube videos.  Display ads are the banners ads that pop up at … Continue reading