Social Media Analysis – Part 1

What Is It And Why You Need To Harness It

Sociology 101 And The Fond Recall of Simple Social Network Maps

Network Maps help us understand big data.

I will start with a confession: I always wanted to be a sociologist but never could see how to make an interesting, non-academic career out of it. Yes, that dates me. However, I did the next best thing, which was to focus on behavioral economics, moving ultimately into business intelligence. Extracting actionable information from data.

Now, PhD sociologists, of course, are in high demand. Particularly as the *big brands* wrestle with *big data* of which an increasing percentage is of the social signals kind. As I follow the unfolding of this social data era, I think fondly of my first social network maps. Back when I thought it was awesome just to map out how information flowed between individuals, groups or organizations.

The New Era: Big <Data> Relevance In

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