3 Content Strategies That Will Still Work in 2015


Just about every business is familiar with SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing (I’m sure you’ve received many calls and emails to inform), but many business often ignore or dismiss simple, but effective content marketing strategies that can attract customers and help build your brand. With 2015 just around the corner, technology has presented marketers and business owners with effective options in a variety of mediums from video to audio and images. Yes, I realize it’s still a little early to talk about 2015, but the New Year is my favorite time of year.

Here are three marketing strategies that you should evaluate for the New Year:

Video Marketing

Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that video marketing is still a great strategy, because presence on sites like YouTube has become more and more necessary since streaming became popular and the cost of producing video dramatically decreased. YouTube contains one … Continue reading

Master These 3 Online Trends and Dominate Your Market

By now, I think everyone is aware of how significantly the internet has altered the way consumers and companies share information. No one can deny that the internet has had a profound impact on marketing.

While many outbound marketing tactics have become antiquated, there has been a consistently growing increase toward inbound techniques. To this end, it is more important than ever to develop digital marketing strategies that provide consumers with original content that will offer additional benefits such as branding and audience growth.Below are the top online marketing trends that businesses need to consider in order to prosper in 2014.

1. Content Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

If you want to establish authority and gain trust with your consumers, you must consistently create valuable content through a variety of channels such as: social media, case studies, videos, website articles or blogs, eNewsletters, emails and articles or blogs on … Continue reading

Power of the Press: Why Press Releases are a Must-Have for Online Marketing

Power-of-Press-rlease With the explosive growth of new online marketing channels, the idea that press releases may be important to your integrated marketing plan seems preposterous at first glance.. After all, press releases conjure up outdated images of newspaper reporters and public relations spin doctors hammering at their typewriters in smoke-filled rooms. In a world of Twitter, Facebook, and instant access to online information from nearly a billion websites, the reliable, old press release seems like a marketing fossil from a bygone age.

However, it is precisely the sheer number of businesses vying for online traffic, and the array of media outlets looking for information to publish, that combine to make the press release so important in today’s online marketing world. The modern press release has evolved from its Smith Corona typewriter origins to become a powerful, multipurpose online marketing tool that will give you exposure and credibility.

Four Benefits of Press

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Make a Bigger Marketing Impact with Infographics

infographic Studies show that the average person reads only 28 percent of the words on a typical webpage. Customers are looking for the information they want, and if they aren’t able to find that information quickly, they will go to another site. However, the hard statistics and data that may be most important to your customers’ decision-making process isn’t, by itself, easily scannable. Simple graphs, charts, and tables of data are possibilities, but without context, often take just as long to assess as a block of text. Infographics are a powerful solution to providing your visitors the data they are looking for, in a manner that they can quickly and readily understand.

Build the Better Pie (Chart) With Infographics

Infographics are visual presentations of information that rely on graphic design elements. The most effective infographics go beyond the standard bar graphs and pie charts to add visual symbols that better deliver … Continue reading

Authors Can Write?

One area we’ve seen increased activity when it comes to Online Marketing is with authors, both established and burgeoning. The Internet is a great place to get your creative work known, build your reader base, and get noticed from publishers who can help you succeed in the off-line world. To get started, an author must let go of the idea they much be published by a large publishing firm, and embrace a trend that has grown over the last 5 years: self-publishing.

Self-publishing is one of the best ways to start getting your voice know; options include publishing free material or charging for full works. The mediums for self-publishing include blogging, social media, fee-based eBook distribution, and eReader distribution.

The Blog

A well-designed blog is a place where authors can not only discuss what they are working on and offer samples of their work, but also becomes the launching pad … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season: Thematic Content Generation

Seated in a not-so-well-known Florida community, Advantage Pet Center decided it was time to start competing with other pet boarding and grooming companies in nearby, better known communities. They came to DirectiveGroup with one request: help us compete in these markets.

As part of a comprehensive SEO strategy, we launched a blog for Advantage Pet Center and started developing content that would specifically appeal to their audience and help with bringing their Search Engine Rankings (SERPs) higher.

Blogging for SEO

Blogging helps with Search Engine Optimization in two ways:

  1. It creates fresh content to serve the Search Engines, which they love, and
  2. It creates additional links, when done properly, back to the site, increasing the authority of the site itself.

Writing For More Than Links

Search Engines really dislike content that is generated specifically for manipulating SERPs. Rather, they are most interested in delivering quality, relevant results to the user … Continue reading