I Guarantee It! Does That Really Matter?

When was the last time you were in conversation with an SEO Agency/Consultant or Internet Marketing Firm that “guaranteed” to get you to the top of Google? My guess is it’s not been that long as these companies are still out there en mass, and are willing to sell you the sky, the moon, and the ground you trod.

While these guarantees appear to minimize your risk, that’s all it is, an appearance. It comes back to the first lesson I learned in marketing:

MoJo Marketing Lesson #1: There are no cookie cutter solutions to effective marketing.

What this means is there is no “secret sauce” or “silver bullet” or “magic formula” to get your business successful. Marketing is about testing. In the end, the one thing that matters most is if your marketing efforts are increasing your business.

Companies who “offer guarantees” think they’ve found a single thing that will work for everyone. This negates the most important aspect of marketing: the people to whom you’re marketing.

This is why working with a company who is diverse, and doesn’t accept “good enough” is so important. In my experience, the companies who make “guarantees” are focused on things other than building business. It may be driving traffic, or increasing keyword ranking, or getting Likes, Fans, or followers. It’s something they can control, and thereby fulfill their “guarantee”.

Have you ever been caught by one of these guarantees? I’ve spoken with business after business who have, and it’s left them disillusioned by the marketing profession.

There Is Marketing Hope

Fortunately, not all companies operate like this. There are companies who are focused on building business as the measure for success. While there are leading indicators toward success, the end result must be an increase in business.

Your challenge is to weed through all the potential companies out there and determine which ones are actually going to help you build your business. This may be a biased statement, but DirectiveGroup is exactly this kind of firm. Imagine being on a conference call that goes like this:

Marketer: “So traffic was up this month, and we did see 5% more transactions.”
“Good, sounds like it’s going in the right direction.”
“Yes, but it’s not enough. We need to get feedback on the business that did come in, and more importantly on the leads that did not turn into business so we can ensure your marketing funnel is developed for your market.”

Yup, that’s a pretty typical conversation with our team. Are you ready to work with a different kind of company during 2013? Contact us at 866-925-9524 to discover the difference DirectiveGroup can make for your business.


Author: DirectiveGroup

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