What Is Brand?

Who are you? Do people really know what you do? See the world through your customers’ eyes. What sets you apart from your competitors? There are an infinite number of choices. Do enough customers really know what products and services you bring to market in order to achieve your growth targets?

Has your company, products, services, target audience and/or competitors evolved and changed over your decades in business? How do potential new customers know you’ve changed? How do they know you are different now? How do they know you are better?

Take a look at all your marketplace touch points….signage, website, logo, catalog, trade show booth, employees, business cards, advertising, direct mail, premiums, office space, vehicles, and the list goes on. Do all of those touch points reflect the real you?

Owning a powerful position in the market is difficult for most small to mid-size companies. You have the best opportunity of achieving it if you clearly define a strategy and build your brand around it.

Which scenario best describes your company?

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Congratulations and Kudos if you fall within the “Best Case”, as long as you get your message out into the market, you should be experiencing growth and success! If you fall into the “Worse Case”, you likely have some brand strategy and identity work to do.

According to the Young & Rubicam Brand Asset Valuator®, companies that increase their brand’s differentiation over competing brands have about a 50 percent higher operating margin on average versus companies that allow their brand differentiation to decrease.

Your brand is the entire experience that your market has with your company. It’s what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality that you convey.

• The images you convey
• The messages you deliver on your website and in your campaigns
• The way your employees interact with customers
• A customer’s opinion of you versus your competition

Branding brings your competitive positioning to life; it defines you as a certain “something” in the mind of your market. If you want to capture significant market share, start with a strong positioning and brand in order to be most successful.

Brand is a powerful strategic tool, the currency of success; there is strength in brand.

Be an aspiration! Be an Apple! Be a Starbucks! Be a FedEx!

Be who YOU are…and then tell the world about YOU!


Author: Lisa Maier

Lisa Maier is the CEO of DirectiveGroup, and brings great passion and over a decade of experience in the online marketing space. Her background includes a undergraduate degrees in Economics and Sociology, a Wharton MBA degree in Information Strategies & Economics, top tier technology strategy consulting and several years helping small technology companies traverse the chasm from good products to nationally scaled businesses, particularly making use of online marketing and media programs.