5 Under Utilized Powerful Google Analytics Features

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used and powerful tools for businesses to track and analyze the performance of their online marketing activities. Google analytics allows businesses to track:

  • Traffic sources
  • Keyword performance
  • Bounce rates
  • Time spent of website/pages
  • And much more

The “much more” is where many marketers get lost or overwhelmed. Many businesses fail to use some critical functionalities of google analytics, which can help in the understanding of marketing metrics and making more informed decisions.

Here is a list of google analytics features most of the business often overlook.

  • Flow Reports

Evaluating the efficiency of defined conversion funnel determines the success of the marketing plan. The flow reports in google analytics helps you in visualizing how a visitor is progressing in your defined funnel. It can help you analyze the part of funnel where you are seeing majority of drop offs. Using google analytics you … Continue reading

Marketing Analytics: Track Your Marketing Efforts the Right Way

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities is a challenge every business faces. Especially if your business is investing in both offline and online marketing activities, keeping a track of performance of these activities becomes all more challenging. Platforms like Google Analytics have made tracking the web analytics a lot simpler. However, businesses need a lot more data than what such platforms present to track your marketing efforts the right way. Marketing Analytics are often used to track such data points which provide more information to analyze the marketing efforts of a business. Before we dig into details on Marketing Analytics, it is important to understand the difference between web analytics and marketing analytics.

Web Analytics: A web analytics tool is used to record and analyze the activity on your website. These tools measure metrics such as load times, number of visitors and unique visitors browsing your website, pages per visit, … Continue reading

The Age of the Image – How image use in social media will enhance your business development efforts

Today’s society tends to be visually oriented. People’s eyes are drawn to images before text. Think about when you are viewing a webpage, and you’ll realize your eyes instantly go to the image on the page before reading the text. Technology has made it commonplace for images, videos etc. to be placed on websites and mobile apps. Multimedia content consumption is eclipsing text-based content at a rapid rate. Therefore, a business can enhance business development efforts and enrich its brand by using images on all online platforms, from websites, to mobile, to paid advertising, and particularly, for social media marketing efforts.

Here are a few interesting facts that were published on MDG Advertising’s website about how using images can be beneficial:

  • 94% more views are attracted by content containing compelling images than content without images.
  • 67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to be very important and carry even more
Continue reading

Make Your eCommerce Business Future Ready

The number of businesses adopting eCommerce is growing at an increasing pace. With a rising number of customers preferring to shop in the comfort of their homes and offices, eCommerce stores are poised to continue experiencing excellent growth rates in the near term. However great this news, it poses a challenge to adapt to evolving best practices in eCommerce for these businesses to stay competitive. Below are tips so eCommerce companies can future ready their sites to attract more business.

Go Mobile

Consumers who once used to shop in brick and mortar stores can now shop anywhere. Thanks to internet and technology, a customer can now shop using a smart phone, tablet or a PC. With an increasing number of customers using these alternative devices, mobile commerce is going to play a major role in sales process. Not only should mobile commerce be considered an integral part of your sales … Continue reading

Tips For Marketing Your Business On Mobile Platforms

Mobile Marketing

Do you own a small business? If so, you know that a web presence is mandatory in this day and age. Most small business owners understand that and do their best, but as emergent technologies pop up it gets harder and hard to keep up with the times. One huge area of opportunity for business owners is mobile conversion; how does your site stack up? Here are some easy tips to help make your marketing campaign mobile friendly!

1) Make sure your CTA is mobile friendly

We all know that calls-to-action work and that you should use them, but most people often overlook making these CTAs user friendly for mobile users. Is your CTA a button that links to your contact page? Can the user easily tap the button with their thumb, or do they have to pinch and zoom on the button in order to use it?

These simple things can make a big difference on your conversion rate. Google released a study recently that found out 61% of mobile users call a business after performing a local business search. Get a piece of that pie and make sure the users can interact with your CTA on a mobile device! Continue reading “Tips For Marketing Your Business On Mobile Platforms”

Business: Getting Back To The Future

Business need to get back to the future.

In the movie franchise Back To The Future, Doc and Marty McFly go into the future, and bring back technology, aiming to utilize future technology in the current or historic world (watch BTTF 3). In Terminator, technology from the future is transported back in time to alter the course of history.

Yes, I like movies, and there are things we can take out of these movies as we think about the current state of business, and especially as we think about the future.

Project The Future

While we don’t know what the future holds, those who are able to effectively project where the market will go are exceptionally successful. Statistically, there are very few of these kind of people around. However, the rest of us can learn from them.

As you watch the market, especially as it relates to technology, look to people who seem to be able … Continue reading