Is it Time to Hire a (new) PPC Agency?

Considering changing your PPC agency? Whether due to a change of personnel, issues with management, performance declines, or difficulties, the change should be considered with care. This article will be looking at factors used to determine the red-flags that arise with agencies, hiring an agency versus in-house approach, and whether to hire a specialty or full-service agency. Let’s get started.

First to consider: pay structures.

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7 Steps to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

Whether you maintain your website in-house or partner with a digital agency for your online projects, the responsibility of ensuring ADA compliance for your website ultimately falls on you.

A mandate in Title III of the ADA states that all “places of public accommodation” are required by law to remove any “access barriers” that would inhibit a person with disabilities from accessing a business’ goods or services. ADA regulations affect transportation, employment, telecommunications, public and private spaces as well as state and local governments.

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YouTube, New Opportunities for Today

As we spend more time at home, viewer attention is shifting even more to online entertainment options. People are streaming on TV screens and using their mobile devices to watch their favorite shows more than ever, and that is opening additional opportunities for YouTube advertisers.

YouTube has the highest reach and viewing hours among ad-supported streaming services and represents a quarter of all streaming watch time across (subscription and ad-supported platforms) in the US (Comscore).

Ads on the YouTube platform are a highly effective medium to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. However, it is critical when employing YouTube Ads that a maintenance strategy is in place as new changes to the platform can both provide new opportunities and require modifying ads to maintain and increase ROI.

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How to Plan for a Successful Website Redesign

A Redesign Checklist for You

Remember when you had your first website designed? You were excited, happy, and proud to have a digital representation of your brand. Now some time has passed and you are rebranding your company. That means you need to have a website redesign. There can be many reasons as why you need to update the look and feel of your website. This article will examine the process of starting a website redesign. But first, let’s take a look at some of those reasons that can force you to consider a redesign. Continue reading “How to Plan for a Successful Website Redesign”

Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear, and Uncertainty

From time to time, team members will share their views stimulated from a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, our Director of Paid Marketing, Kim Figor, discusses a Help Guide. article by Melinda Smith, M.A., and Lawrence Robinson “Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear, and Uncertainty”.

This is definitely an interesting, and to varying degrees for each person, a stressful time people and business around the world are living in. What exactly is causing all this stress? Most likely, it’s not just one thing, other than the uncertainty of everything. Apart from words like pandemic (which most of us have heard before) and the health implication on society, there is another layer which is what keeps me awake at night. I’m referring to how this Coronavirus is impacting, mostly our clients, but all businesses. Continue reading “Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear, and Uncertainty”