Beyond The Noise: Be Informed By Social Context To Build A Better Brand

From time to time, LocalDirective team members will share their views on a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, Vicki comments on an article in the Marketing Daily, Beyond The Noise-Be Informed By Social Context To Build A Better Brand by Elaine Feeney

I read this article and thought, if we just listened and sift through the noise of social media, there is tremendous value in finding the most relevant posts and comments. Social media is public opinion and PR on steroids instantly. Maybe you’ll hear about the next great widget or service or innovation! There is this huge sea of people talking about and discussing our brands, and most of us don’t even know it! Social media, like it or not offers valuable unsolicited market research and it is free for the taking…now it depends on what you want to take and how you use it. Your company can feed it by engaging to build thought leadership and manage your responses and interactions. Digging into the feedback, especially important to niche markets, it is a great place to find the nuggets of information and the influencer’s perspective on different groups.

Monitoring social is an opportunity to turn those customer challenges into opportunities and receive extremely valuable feedback from those who matter and really care about our brands. Rewire yourself, get rid of preconceived notions that build on prior knowledge, take off the filters and we may be amazed by what we hear! How people respond or use our products or services, may be totally unrelated to how we positioned or envisioned them, but who cares, let’s leverage their response and create a win! What can you learn about your brand today?

Enjoy the article and really listen!
Beyond The Noise-Be Informed By Social Context To Build A Better Brand


Author: Lisa Maier

Lisa Maier is the CEO of DirectiveGroup, and brings great passion and over a decade of experience in the online marketing space. Her background includes a undergraduate degrees in Economics and Sociology, a Wharton MBA degree in Information Strategies & Economics, top tier technology strategy consulting and several years helping small technology companies traverse the chasm from good products to nationally scaled businesses, particularly making use of online marketing and media programs.