10,000 Auto Parts: A Part For Every Occasion

When Claude Greiner, the owner of Teddy Bears Auto Salvage, wanted to increase his business, he knew that increasing traffic to his website would make the difference. So he contacted DirectiveGroup. We thoroughly interviewed the owner of Teddy Bears to determine exactly what his internet marketing needs were. This included geographical marketing to pinpoint exactly who Teddy Bears Auto Salvage’s customers were and where they were located. Claude answered detailed questions about his business goals. DirectiveGroup did the rest.

The Challenge

Many of Teddy Bear’s customers were located within a 30-mile radius of the salvage yard. Because of the demand of specific auto parts that Teddy Bear carried, the salvage yard also has clientele outside of the local area who had their orders shipped. This included wholesale accounts, specifically other auto parts stores who bought from Teddy Bears and resold to their local clientele.

The Goal

As outlined by DirectiveGroup, the internet marketing goal was to increase both the local traffic that physically came to the store, as well as state- and nation-wide traffic who called in and had their parts delivered by freight. This included increasing the sales from wholesale accounts.

The Strategy

The market strategy was to match specific auto parts to a specific radius based on a profitability calculation. The number of keywords was increased to over 10,000 to include all the auto parts that Teddy Bear normally carried. The overall strategy was to increase both revenues and profits, matching the response rate to the capacity of personal to handle the business generated.

The Details

The search engines which were targeted for this ongoing campaign are Google, Yahoo, AOL & MSN. Teddy Bear’s total monthly budget is $5,000.

And the Results Are In

The number of visitors to 15 target landing pages average 3,561 per month. The number of visitors to the high profit pages average a whopping 43% or 1,103 visitors per month. The number of contact forms completed average 190 per month, while the average number of phone calls generated are 366 per month.


The best compliments we can receive are the comments from satisfied customers who are often amazed at their quick results. What does Claude Greiner, owner of Teddy Bears Auto Salvage say? “This has gotten more response than all of my other advertising combined, including online and print yellow page directories, which had previously been my top advertising vehicles.” Perfect!


Author: DirectiveGroup

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