The Most Effective Sales Lead Generation Techniques

No matter what industry you are in, generating sales leads is critical. Every business sells something and whether it is a service or a product, you need to constantly generate leads that will transition into clients. What Is A Sales Lead? A sales lead is a person who has expressed interest in your product or service. In other words, they have “raised their hand” in some way letting you know that they are beginning their education process which may, or may not, lead to an eventual sale for your company. In the online world, a lead is often thought of … Continue reading “The Most Effective Sales Lead Generation Techniques”

Super Long Adwords Headlines?

Google is always adding or changing something and for the casual user most of the changes go unnoticed. However, the advertisers, webmasters and business owners are always trying to find a secret tip or magic bullet to give them an advantage over the competition.  Google’s advertising program Adwords,  has made many changes in 2011, but one change that has went under the radar is extended headlines. These longer headlines are important to adwords users because the headline is the most critical part of any ad, and a longer headline is going to draw more attention and hopefully more clicks.  Increasing … Continue reading “Super Long Adwords Headlines?”

Get Your Landing Page Ready For Your 2012 Customers

Landing pages have been around for over 20 years. Even though the primary purpose of a landing page has not changed over time, the attributes that have turned viewers into converters has changed. This article will provide you with some landing page best practices to keep in mind that will help turn your visitors into converters. First, let’s talk about what a landing does for you. The most important function of a landing page is to convince a potential customer to convert. Although the most profitable conversion is typically a sale, a conversion could be anything that you deem as … Continue reading “Get Your Landing Page Ready For Your 2012 Customers”

Social Media Isn’t Just Social

When companies think about Social Media Marketing the things that normally come to mind are viral marketing and how many people have liked, followed, subscribed, or otherwise engaged the company. While these are all measurements companies will want to keep an eye on, if these are all a company looks at, there is a major benefit of Social Media being missed: Search Engine Optimization. The Often Forgotten Piece of SEO While anyone who has done some basic reading and learning on Search Engine Optimization understands the on-page factors of the art, many forget or don’t understand the off-page piece. When … Continue reading “Social Media Isn’t Just Social”

How Retail Businesses Can Effectively Market On Facebook

Today, Facebook is one of the very best ways for retail businesses to connect with consumers. However, as with all marketing techniques, there are best practices that will increase the effectiveness. A recent study conducted provides data that can help you develop these best practices and greatly increase your engagement rate. And, a higher engagement rate means higher revenue. How To Judge Success In the social networking arena, the yardstick for measuring success is the rate of feedback you receive from consumers, or “engagement rate.” For this study, the engagement rate was determined by combining the number of “Likes” and … Continue reading “How Retail Businesses Can Effectively Market On Facebook”

YouTube Advertising – 3 Easy Ways to Market Your Business on YouTube

YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine behind Google. While you may not consider YouTube to even be a search engine, your customers do, and are watching reviews, “how to” content, and entertaining videos right now.  YouTube reports to receive 800M unique visitors a month. (Yes, that’s an M for million.) Maybe you have hundreds of videos that you want to use to attract new customers, or you’re wondering how you can leverage YouTube traffic without any video content at all. Whatever the case, YouTube has an affordable advertising solution for your business and in this article we’ll … Continue reading “YouTube Advertising – 3 Easy Ways to Market Your Business on YouTube”

Business Owners Must Keep A Keen Eye On Customer Rating Review Sites

A study done by Citysearch indicates that people are turning more and more to review sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List for information on which to base their purchasing decisions. Mobile phone users, in particular, are going to these sites to view comments from others before deciding where to eat, what doctor to see, or even where to find the best organic fruit. As always, consumers are looking for information online before making a purchase. The important thing to know is where they are going for that information. Your Customer’s Comments Really Matter As a business owner it probably … Continue reading “Business Owners Must Keep A Keen Eye On Customer Rating Review Sites”