Go Mobile in 2011!

As you sit down to map out 2011 goals for your business, consider this: The adoption rates of smart phones and other 3-G technologies are some of the highest ever seen.

This growth means many customers and prospective customers can no longer be counted on to view your website from a desktop or laptop browser; instead they may be viewing your website on their mobile devices. Since it is probable your browser-based website does not render correctly on these mobile devices, working with companies like LocalDirective can help you get an affordable mobile presence and a marketing plan to harness this incredible opportunity.

The mobile web is continuing its explosive growth of more than 2000% in the last 2 years. And these high end mobile devices, such as iPhones, Androids, Palm and Blackberry, are an ideal platform for advertisers since consumers carry their network-enabled smart phones at nearly all times.

Currently, there are approximately 5 billion active mobile devices globally as compared to 1.7 billion active PCs. Morgan Stanley analysts believe, based on the current rate of adoption, the mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015.

Even more interesting, the demographics of these users is very appealing. The average mobile media user is 32 years old, 53% male, and 47% female. And smart phone users are wealthy, with 51% making more than $75k and 34% making more than $100k.

Basics to Mobile Websites

Given the growth trend and adoption rates of the mobile web, you cannot be left out of this important marketing channel. While there are plenty of ways to pull your current website and format it to display on a mobile device, this is not a great practice if you want to convert your audience.

Rather, the better practice is to design a completely new site, geared specifically for mobile users and trends. With much smaller screens, the amount of content on your traditional site will be overwhelming to a mobile user. Part of effectively developing a mobile website is honing your message to the bare essentials while leaving enough to convert your audience. It’s like a low-carb diet where you essential message is the protein, and the other content is the carb. You don’t cut it out completely, but you do reduce it significantly.

Mobile Marketing (SEM/SEO)

Just like with traditional websites, the “If you build it they will come” philosophy has proven over and over to be ineffective to generating sufficient traffic to make a website effective. Rather, effectively using Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization campaigns helps the right people find your site and purchase your product. While you can try to do this on your own, most people find it’s more cost effective to use a profession Internet Marketing Firm, like LocalDirective, to manage these campaigns.

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