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by | May 1, 2017 | Human Interest

A few weeks ago I found myself annoyed with noise–the noise of the road, the hum of the electricity in the house, the wind aggressively hitting the wind chime… the noise of other people. And it got me to thinking about all the “noise” we deal with on a daily basis.

I am no luddite. In fact, I love technology – I embrace the conveniences it brings. I make my living from bringing technology into other people’s lives.

Yet, I think we have forgotten how to be silent. I forget sometimes at least. And I need to be reminded that less is very often more.

Last weekend I went camping with my 8 year old and a dozen other cub-scouts and their parents, and was struck by how quiet it was at night and into the next morning. It was truly joyous. We had no electronics and it was dark, and quiet, and wonderful. The adults sat around the campfire and sang old songs, while one particularly talented scout-dad strummed a guitar. And we all went to bed by 10pm – 2 full hours after the last outdoor-weary kid had climbed into his own sleeping bag.

The night was cool, but not cold in the cocoon of the tent, and I could hear trees rustling, but not much else. I slept a good deep sleep until early morning, when I rolled out of my tent to start the communal fire. The peace and quiet was unescapable, and perfect, and I was reminded that life can be simple.

We exist in a time where it is easy to grab for our mobile phones to check the temperature, or our email, or… basically anything we need 24/7. But sometimes the noise is too much…and it needs to go away. You need to put it away — and enjoy — the silence.

I recommend camping.


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