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At DirectiveGroup We Thank You

by | Nov 16, 2010 | Human Interest

Given that next week is Thanksgiving, we at DirectiveGroup want to express our gratitude for the opportunity to serve you, our clients, in your goals to achieve powerful online marketing results.

At DirectiveGroup we truly aim to serve you and not just fulfill a function. Our service-focus comes out in several ways:

Speed – We seek to serve you with a speed that is unmatched in our industry. Rather than waiting for a deadline to sneak upon us, we aim to complete projects as expeditiously as possible, at times allowing us to beat our deadlines.

Cost – While part of our focus is speed, another key focus for us is cost. We seek to keep your cost reasonable for the value offered, so you don’t require the budget of a small nation to leverage our services. Rather, we look at the budget you have coupled with your goals, and develop a strategy that will meet both.

Personal Touch – We make sure every client who works with DirectiveGroup has direct contact with our creative team. We value the input of you, the business owner or marketing manager, in the creative process used to develop and deploy your message.

High Value-Add – In a nutshell, we try to bring the strategic marketing thinking normally afforded only by the largest of companies to companies of all sizes.  We believe in the entrepreneurial dreams fostered in the US and seek to bring high-impact value to those ventures.  To that end, we always strive to be your marketing partner, an integral member of your marketing team that is laser-focused on your success.

As we head toward Thanksgiving, we simply pause and say Thank You. Working with you is an extraordinary opportunity for which we are grateful.


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